Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride

Holy FREEEEEAAAAAK!  (Pardon my French.)  This book was breathtakingly beautiful.  I seriously could not stop reading!

Book Rating:  Best of the Best

I am often suspicious when I start a new book, and I haven’t decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Anyway, I was extremely skeptical when I started this one.  No reason, really.  I just was.  But, it didn’t take long before I was consumed by my need to finish this book!  This is Regina Jennings first novel, and there’s no way it will be her last.  If you are keen on Tamera Alexander’s style of writing, you will like this book.  To me, their styles are quite similar.

So, this is a modern take on the Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz.  It’s a great, GREAT romance!  I smiled, and sighed and giggled my way through it.  Now, if you are like me, then you probably like to read these books knowing that there’s gonna be a good kiss sometime before you’ve gone through half the book. Not so here, my friends.  You gotta wait a long, long time. I mean, a long time.  But whoo-ee, it’s worth it!

Rosa (a lovely, sweet and hard working Mexicana) has married into the Garner family, and embraced the Christian faith.  She and her mother-in-law return to Texas from Mexico after their husbands die, only to find they may lose their land due to back-taxes.  They do everything they can think of to get the money, but in the end it still isn’t enough.  How in the world will they save their land and livelihood?

Enter, Weston Garner.  (Do you hear the angel chorus?)  He is really the perfect leading man, in my opinion—strong, with dashing good looks, kind, loves God, has a fun personality and is also romantic.  Who could want more?  Are you crazy?  Anyway, their relationship throughout the book grows slowly, but substantially.  I felt like the issues they were dealing with were very real, and I appreciated that greatly.

The Christian message of the story was wonderful.  Some books have a constsant flow of scriptures, prayer, etc. throughout the book and this one didn’t have as much of that as I have seen before.  But the stuff that was there was very good.

If you don’t like this book, I’ll eat my hat.

Happy Reading!
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  1. Hello! I'm visiting from a link Regina put on FB. I also read Sixty Acres and loved it as well (and actually reviewed it on my blog). Great review! As far as suggestions for books, I know of an author you probably haven't heard of--Margo Hansen. She's written a series on mail-order brides living in Minnesota, and it's fantastic. The first is called Sky's Bridal Train. If you like Christian historical romance, I really can't see you not liking it!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for stopping by! LOL And also thank you for letting me know about Margo Hansen, I will certainly check her out! I always do appreciate suggestions. :) Do you have a book review blog as well? Very cool!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I love the Ruth and Boaz angle.

  3. I read this book a week or so ago ( a recommendation from Deeanne Gist) and I just LOVED it! I cried through just about the whole thing! Very well written and I was captivated from the minute I picked the book up.

  4. I'm also visiting from Regina's link on Facebook. I really loved this book too! (and blogged about it too) :)

    You have some great reviews here. Love to visit again.

    God bless!

  5. Super book--this one is on my bookshelf (only my very favorites make it there)!