Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hope Rising

Best of the Best

I always enjoy reading Stay Henrie's novels. I feel as if I'm inside a work of art-- as if I'm reading a Monet--so full of gentle beauty that I feel surrounded by color and drawn in with just the right amount of intrigue to keep me interested to the very end.
I highly recommend this book as I do all of her works!! Congratulations, Stacy, on another beautiful piece of writing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of bouffants that are not really....

Because I'm a bit of a colonial-era nerd, I decided to try my hand at the 18th century version of the beehive. 

OK, really their hair was nothing like that and REAL historians would be cursing my name for even saying such a thing even in jest, but in essence, it's "big hair". From what I understand, many ladies in those day could do an up-do in just about 15 minutes. Talk about talent! Me? Not so much.

I started with one of those big hair donuts cut in half and twirled the top of my hair around it. They had something similar to the donut--cloth stuffed with wool or some such thing.

After it's pinned into place, rather precariously, it's time to curl the bottom to get those nice little ringlets. Next time I try this, I will need to use my extensions and have my hair completely curled before hand. (And I know you're thinking it--no, they didn't really have "bangs" in the 1700's so I gotta pin those suckers back.)

Pin, pin and pin.

And then curl again.

Results? It looks nothing like I imagined/hoped. AND my selfie skills are sadly lacking because I couldn't get a good enough pic of the back. Which, really, that's OK because it didn't look super. *guffaw* 

Perhaps with my new 18th century pinner in place and more curl? A girl can hope. It's funny what a gal like me is willing to spend time doing...

If you could do a historical hair style, what would it be??


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Baron of Godsmere: The Feud

If I could sing a song about this book it might go something like this. "You make me feel... you make me feel... you make me feel like a natural woman!"
Bayard, you had me at "eyepatch".

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Ladies, if you are a fan of Tamara Leigh then you have absolutely no excuse for not buying this book and reading it immediately. You know how expertly she commands her craft, how she captures you with her eloquent prose and how her characters will come to life from the pages and LIVE in your mind and in your heart. I have read every historical Leigh has written and I can honestly tell you that I LOVE every single one.
Bayard (AKA delicious-as-ever-and-totally-feirce-but-seductively-tender) is a fabulous, wounded and totally perfect hero. He NEEDS to keep his lands, but he must marry to do so. And he does marry. A few times.
Wait, what?
That's where the heroine comes in. Lovely, sweet, and unstoppable Elianor. (Which is such a lovely name I think I might name my next daughter after her.) Determined to keep another from suffering as she did, Elianor takes matters into her own hands and changes the course of their lives in a way she never imagined.
I HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of historical romance. You won't be able to put it down! Congratulations, Tamara, on another completely fabulous novel!!!!