Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Captured by Love

I haven't found a Jody Hedlund book I didn't like. Period.

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Another fantabulous Jody novel. As you know I'm a huge fan and have read ALL of her books, this one was just a great as the others!

Angelique (that name drips beauty!!) is a sweet, endearing character who has suffered greatly in recent years, when her childhood love, Pierre, returns to the island. Their love sparks quickly and the trials they face are frightening and numerous--will they be able to overcome such tribulation in the name of love?

Full of adventure and romance, this will novel satisfy every HCR fan, no problemo! A very enjoyable read, you could easily finish this in a day or two. One thing that stood out to me a great deal was the location and the fascinating history surrounding Michimalackinanana.... I mean, Michimilkamooka.... I mean.... well, anyway its this cool island that is now known as Mackinac Island. Pretty much, this book made me want to take a second honeymoon there....so picturesque!!

How many of you have read this? What did you think?! This was the first book of Jody's I haven't been able to give my highest rating. As much as I loved it, I felt it was lacking somewhat in character development and depth. And.... I can't believe I'm going to say this.... the romance actually didn't feel real--it kinda felt mushy and shallow at times. DON'T SHOOT ME!! I know you probably didn't feel this way, but I feel compelled to be honest.

You've gotta let me know what you think!! Jody's got several more novels coming out soon!! YAY FOR US!! Congratulations, Jody, on another fabulous novel!!

Happy Reading!
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Friday, August 8, 2014

In Perfect Time

I'm breaking new ground here, and it's about freaking time!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Holy cow, people, I'm so glad I can make the rules. At first, when I started this blog I wanted to stick to pretty strict rules--only HISTORICALS--and for me, that pretty much meant anything pre-WW1. Well, I am happy to announce I have decided that rule stinks and I will now be reviewing books from Vietnam and earlier!!!!

This is my first WWII book--that I've reviewed on my blog--and I couldn't be more thrilled to do so! If you know me, you know not only my love of history, but my unyielding passion for WWII, and deep honor and respect for those who served in all capacities. I have become a GINORMOUS fan of Sarah Sundin thanks to this book and I plan to read all of hers--she is amazing. Not only does she write a fabulous story, her research and detail is stunning. For a history lover like me, that is paramount! I am blown away by what she knows and how she includes it so effortlessly in the story.

IN PERFECT TIME is the last in a three book series titled Wings of the Nightingale. You will LOVE it! I need to quickly repent and read the first two!!! LOL How many of her books have you read? Did you just devour them? I have no doubt you did!!

In this story we follow beautiful flight-nurse, Kay Jobson, who is known for being somewhat of a flirt, and leaving a trail of broken hearts where ever she goes. But it's not until she meets handsome and humble Roger Cooper (pilot), that she realizes she might be interested in settling down after all. Despite Roger's budding feelings for Kay, he fears he won't be able to give her everything she dreams of--and that's only the beginning of their troubles.

Folks, you will LOVE this story. Sweet, romantic, full of action and with a host of completely delightful characters, I have no doubt you will be completely hooked. Not only that, the spiritual nature of this book and the inner/personal conflicts were SO real and I felt so uplifted and edified. This is a Christian book that really makes you feel closer to God as you read. I LOVED the title...don't want to give anything away, but the more you read of this book, the more you will understand what it means--just beautiful!!

Let me know what you think of this once you've read it!

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