Monday, March 16, 2015

The new Cinderella movie equals perfection and I Must. Watch. Again.

I might be the biggest Cinderella fan in the known universe. That is not an exaggeration. Well... okay maybe it's a slight exaggeration, but still--it's close! I have loved that story from the moment I first saw the animated movie and heard, "So This Is Love". The story--divine! The romance--sheer perfection! I mean, come on folks, you can't find a tale more perfectly woven than that of the cinder girl and the handsome prince. At least, I can't find one, anyway.

So, allow me to issue my first review of a movie. (Not saying I'll make a habit of this, but ladies, this movie deserves it.)

Rating: Uh, pretty much this movie sets the precedent. So ya. Best of the Best.

(You can't take it, can you?? I know you can't, because I can't!!!!You look at that picture and you want to die, because you have found movie-poster-heaven. And if a movie POSTER gets you that excited--just wait. Look at the way he's looking at her!!!! LOOK!!! Look at his coat and his sword and her dress! GAH!)

So years ago when it was first announced that they were doing a live-action Cinderella, I cried, "Blasphemy! They'll ruin it!"

Fast forward to the first time I saw the trailer. I kid you not, I was screaming with such delight the kids rushed in to the office thinking I'd been stabbed. Speaking through my delight, my voice rose three octaves and it wasn't until I showed my daughters the 2 minutes of bliss that they finally understood why I was acting like a lunatic. It's cool. They're used to it.

My hopes had lifted to dangerous heights. It actually looked good. Really good. So either I was going to love it, or I was going to be super disappointed I ever wasted a dime seeing it in the theater and would be forced to cleanse my mind for days by watching the old one. I told myself, if nothing else, the prince looked super handsome. (#richardmaddenisthebestprincecharmingever Tweet THAT!)

Now fast forward again to last Saturday when my life changed forever. Seriously, changed!! The movie was perfect!!! Utterly and completely perfe--

Hey. Come on now! None of that. You know how I am about these kinds of things--and I'm the one writing this review so I can be as dramatic as I want, capiche?! Allow me to continue...

It was perfection!! If I could, I would tackle Kenneth Branagh and give him one heck of a smacker. I would change absolutely nothing about this film. And that is saying something, because again, I AM just about the BIGGEST fan IN the universe. Cinderella is my girl and Ken did her proud. The script, the plot, the acting, the sets, the costumes, the cast, the tension, the tenderness, the ROMANCE and the message of courage and kindness just about killed me. Cinderella is all sweetness and strength just as she should be, while the Prince embodies everything my girlish heart imagined he would be--as good as he was handsome and as strong in body as he was in character.

What's wrong with loving princes and princesses? What's wrong with women being women and men being men? What's wrong with ladies desiring to be treated with respect and love by gentlemen--as if that somehow makes us weak? I'm so tired of that! I hope this movie blows the box office to smithereens. I hope the makers of Fifty Shades of Sluttiness see what the world is really craving--beautiful, uplifting tales of pure, undefiled love.


Here's my TBR list....

A fabulous reader-friend asked me to share my TBR list and I thought that was a wonderful idea!!

I blog so little these days, *sniff!* but this is a fun way to keep up and keep in touch. After seeing the new Cinderella movie--be still my still-pattering heart--I am dying for another romance; one just as tender and real and completely consuming. (Side note...I love that movie so desperately much I might  break with tradition and actually write a review about it...just to ya know.)

Anyhoo, I'd love to know what you are planning on reading! Do tell! And please, oh please, give me some more ideas for those fabulous romances. I NEED ONE!!!

Much love and happy reading to my dear HCR friends. <3

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