Monday, March 16, 2015

Here's my TBR list....

A fabulous reader-friend asked me to share my TBR list and I thought that was a wonderful idea!!

I blog so little these days, *sniff!* but this is a fun way to keep up and keep in touch. After seeing the new Cinderella movie--be still my still-pattering heart--I am dying for another romance; one just as tender and real and completely consuming. (Side note...I love that movie so desperately much I might  break with tradition and actually write a review about it...just to ya know.)

Anyhoo, I'd love to know what you are planning on reading! Do tell! And please, oh please, give me some more ideas for those fabulous romances. I NEED ONE!!!

Much love and happy reading to my dear HCR friends. <3

The Covered Deep

Falcon and the Sparrow

Into the Whirlwind

Fire By Night

Against the Tide


  1. Fire By my top 5 fiction novels ever. Loved it!!!

  2. Hey Amber! Another suggestion for a quick blogging about a new top ten list? I love reading your lists and wonder if it has changed since the last list. Kim

  3. Thanks for posting this Amber! I saw it as soon as you put it up, but this is the first chance I've had to reply. I've got several new options for reading now! :)