Book Rating System

My rating system is something that I came up with to help those reading my reviews get a quick idea of how good the book is.  Please know that I do love all the books I read, and I believe that as far as HCR books go there are really no “bad” books.  This is all personal preference, but I do give an honest appraisal of the books here and hope that you find it helpful.

Best of the Best

To me, the books in this category are in a class of their own.  To be rated here a book must contain the following:

First: a wonderful plot. You feel like you’re there.
Next, characters you get so attached to, you don’t want it to end.
Most importantly really, the Christian/spiritual message must be clear and powerful.  You come away feeling uplifted and changed for the better!
There will be many books in this category.  I like to be generous in my rating, and I am serious when I say that A LOT of the books I read will be here!

Up All Night’er

The books rated here are great books!!   They will draw you in and they are hard to put down.  However, they lack the “staying” power of the ones in the pervious category.  The stories are great, but maybe the characters aren’t as loveable, or maybe there just isn’t enough of a message of Christ in it—could be any number of things. (Which will be made clear in my review.)  Still great books, but not “the best.”

Here a little, there a little

In this category you will find again, great books.  But, for some reason you may feel yourself getting bored here and there, and skimming here and there until you get to the next good part.  These books are fun when you have nothing else to read and maybe just want something that takes absolutely no brain power.  After a long day of Mommy-ing these are great! However, the books in this category are not the kind of books that a person is likely to read over and over again.


I have a feeling very few books will be in this category.  Here you will find books that just don’t capture you at all.  The characters will be ho-hum, and the plot may seem forced or “over-thought”.  You can certainly finish these books, but in my opinion it may take a while.

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