Movie Rating System

I just saw another "blockbuster" last night and I've been pondering over it quite a bit. But before I share that review I thought I'd share my new "movie ratings" system.

In keeping with my out-of-the-box way of doing things, here is my review system:

Standing Ovation: Movies in this category are the ones you would watch more than once. They are just what you need to be carried away into a different time and place--be it fantasy, comedy, historical, romance, sci-fi-- you name it. The writing, characters, plot, score and cinematography are phenomenal. If its good enough to make me want to actually clap in the theater, it will get this rating.

Pass the Popcorn:  Here are the movies that are just fun, no-brainers. We all need these movies every now and then. They are sometimes cheesy, often predictable and many times have TONS of special effects. The plot and characters may be lacking, but who cares, its a fun flick.

Too little too late: When you go to a show with high expectations (or low for that matter) and go out thinking, "what in the world??!?!?!!" Yep. You've been there. These are the ones whose characters are shallow, the writing cheap and the acting even cheaper. If I find myself more interested in looking at my phone than the screen, it's not worth watching--unless you REALLY have nothing else to do.

Gag Me With a Spoon:  The films in this category are unwatchable. They are so BAD you want to gag. Maybe I should just call this low rating, "Into The Woods" because I think that about says it all right there. ;)

Are you a "movie watcher"? I know often times readers are watchers, but I do both. Leave a comment and let me know if you have seen any good movies lately--or let me know what movies I should avoid. ;)

Happy Watching!

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