Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Mistress of Tall Acre

She's aliiiiiiiiiive!!!

Yes, I am here, folks. I know it's been like 150 years...wait, let me check. Yep, 150. BUT! I have not totally left the world of HCR. In fact I am as deep in HCR as ever. But alas, life has taken a toll lately, so please forgive me for so many months without a post.

I am SO pleased that my first post after so long is Laura Frantz's book, The Mistress of Tall Acre!

Pretty much....loved Every. Thing. About. It.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I was lucky enough to get this book quite a while ago, but I just didn't have time. Then I picked it up and after starting it had to put it down again. So sad!
Here's the cool thing though--and you may think this is weird, but I really needed this book right now and if I'd read it earlier I know I would have enjoyed it, but it wouldn't have impacted me the same. You know what I'm talking about?

For me, this story was sweet, and touching and really brought to life such a powerful time in our history. Of course you know this era is my favorite, and wow does Laura deliver. Her details are perfect and she really helps a person FEEL the characters emotions--brings it to life.

Oh! OH! Oh my wor--people! I mean, if you want to find a hero that will leave you in a sweet puddle of mush (that's a good thing) Seamus. All the way. He is--I mean, of course, to ME he's perfect! A Revolutionary War hero? Come on! You can't beat that. But even if you're not into the blue uniforms, he's tough and gentle and thoughtful and....OK, just read it and you'll know what I mean!!

Sophie is fantastic. I LOVED her. She wasn't the typical head-strong heroine that we see so often. And not that that's necessarily bad, but she was real. She was determined, had principles but was humble and understanding. Also, she was very pretty, to be sure, but not one of those knock-out beauties with uber-perky boobs.

And I HAVE to mention Lily Cate. Be still my soul! Little Lily Cate was the heart of the story for me, and I think--in all the stories I have read with children in them--Laura created the best little girl that has ever graced the pages of an HCR. True, I haven't read them all, but for me this is really true. :)

The end is FANTASTIC!!!! I won't say more about that, because I can't give anything away.

Have you read it?? I'm late in the game, I know, so most of you probably have.

Laura, I am SO happy for you. This book is truly a treasure and in my opinion, it's your best. But I think I say that every time, don't I? Much love to you, and thank you for sharing your gift.

Happy Reading!