Monday, January 18, 2016

Baron of Emberly

Did you ever think it possible that I could love a hero more than Garr, the book-boy of my dreams? Well, it's happened. You're shocked, I know. But it's true, ladies. It's true.
Allow me to introduce you to the one and only, Magnus Verdun.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

I don't think I really need to go into the many ways I qualify for Tamara Leigh Fan Club President. (Yes I do want that job...) Every book she has written I have loved. Right now you feel like you've heard all of this before--my beautiful symphony of praises that carries across the vast internet world and into your computer. But you want more, right? Right. ;)

I am telling you--BARON OF EMBERLY is now my favorite Tamara book. I could explain how the hero and heroine are perfectly written, beautifully flawed and delightfully genuine. I could gush about the romance--oh!!--and the tension that kills you all the way to the end. It hurts so good! I could whisper in hushed tones of the amazing twists of plot that made me literally talk to the kindle as I read, "I totally did not see that coming..."

Oh, but you don't want me to do that. You want me to show a picture of Henry Cavill (because that is what the hero looks like in my mind) and tell you that every time you feel unworthy, or unattractive, or un-whatever, this man will make you fell like "a natural woman". Honestly, Magnus Verdun was all kinds of wonderful and I am sorry to say that Garr must now step aside to allow Magnus to be in the top spot right next him. So I should clarify my opening statement. They share the top spot, because I just can't let Garr take second, now can I?

A few seconds must be given to Thomasin. She is wonderful!!! I love that Tamara does different heroines. Thomasin is sweet, and tough but vulnerable and really yearned to grow and improve herself. And oh, how Magnus loves her!!! GAH! She's a perfect match for such a hero. *whispers his name*

OK, go buy this and prepare to fall in love with these two. Their story is unlike any other.

Buy it

Friday, January 8, 2016

Contemporary Week Part 3

I’m so excited for today’s post!! Talking about someone you really like is always awesome, isn't it?? I’ve known Amy Leigh Simpson for a while now and I’m thrilled to be able to share her with you.

Oh, and by the way, her book—WHEN FALL FADES—is readable, I guess… *BAHAHAHA*

Uhhh, yeah. It was all kinds of fabulous.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

I had the honor of reading this book early and I went a little nuts. I’m pretty sure I drove Amy crazy with all my messages like, “I LOVE THIS!” or “You are my new author-hero” and “I’m taking notes because this prose is amazing!” No, seriously I messaged her like every chapter. To me she was all, “You’re so nice! I’m glad you like it so much.” Inwardly she was probably like, “Wow, this girl’s crazy.” ;)

This story is considered Romantic Suspense--I LOVE suspense. (For me, the most entertaining historicals are those that have some excitement and mystery in them, don’t you think??) Amy does it right! The pace was spot on and I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it, even when the book was finished.

Her main characters, Sadie and Archer are unforgettable and so well-rooted—and can I just say, ladies, this hero is so dreamy, you’ll need to read with the fan on. Really. The romantic tension sizzles like a Kennewick sidewalk in summer. That’s intense, people. You will be hard-pressed to put this thing down.

WHEN FALL FADES is the kind of book that leaves you numb after, hovering in that pseudo-world between books where you aren’t sure where to go or what to do next because you don’t want to leave the beautiful place you’ve been. Yep, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

And just because I’m so awesome (yes, praise me) I got down on my knees—for you, dear reader—and pleaded with Amy to do a giveaway (ebook) and she’d accepted! I think mostly to get me to stop bothering her. ;)

Leave a comment below with your name and email addy and I’ll choose the winner next Monday. Pretty easy, right? And yes I know, I used to host giveaways all the time, so it’s kind of a big deal that this is happening. I’m more excited than you!!

Amy, congratulations and here’s to wishing you many years of success.


Amy Leigh Simpson writes romantic mysteries with honesty and humor, sweetness and spice, and gritty reality covered by grace. When she's not stealing moments at naptime to squeeze out a few more adventures in storyland, she's chasing around two tow-headed miscreants (Ahem)--boys, playing dress up with one sweet princess baby, and being the very blessed wife to the coolest, most swoon-worthy man alive. Amy is a Midwestern-girl, a singer, blogger, runner, coffee-addict, and foodie. Her Sports Medicine degree is wasted patching up daily boo boo's, but whatever is left usually finds its way onto the page with fluttering hearts, blood and guts, and scars that lead to happily ever after.

Amy would be delighted to connect with you on Facebook, at her blogging home, or at her homepage on <3

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Contemporary Week Part 2

Better late than never, right??

Today's post is all about the fabulous contemporary romance's penned by the one and only Becky Wade. She is phenomenal and if you're a fan of Julie Lessman's historicals, you'll enjoy these. I kinda feel like Becky's are a contemporary version of Julie's--meaning they are well written, full of excitement, great characters and plenty of drama.

Here's a list of just SOME of her great novels. (She has a goodly number out there, and even a few novellas, so make sure you look her up!!)

 UNDENIABLY YOURS is free!! It's linked up so go get it, pronto! :)

All these books will capture you, I promise. And talk about fabulous covers!! She writes characters that are real, and the emotions and depth in the hero and heroine are fantastic. I highly recommend her, friends.

So have you read any of these? What did you think?

OK, look for another post on Friday when I'll be introducing a new contemporary romance writer that will knock your socks off!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Contemporary week!!

Happy New Year, fellow readers!

I have been forced out of hibernation with the realization that the holiday is now over and I better actually, like, get dressed before noon and prepare the kids for school-mode again. *sigh*

To start of this year, I wanted to do something different--to spice things up around here. You know I've been a bit of a slacker. I'll admit that. I am learning to listen to my inner speedometer, which often tells me I'm going too fast, hence the less frequent posts. BUT, this week, I'll be making up for it a tad. ;)

This week I'm officially dubbing, "Contemporary Christian Romance Books That I Loved and Really Can't Wait To Tell You About". This being said, you know how I feel about historicals--they are my favorite, and I will almost always choose a historical over a contemporary. HOWEVER, these are just too great not to talk about.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'll share a quick blurb about some books I loved--and will even do a giveaway on Friday!

So, for today I want to share with you Carla Laureano. *LOVE HER* No doubt you've seen her books around, but have you read them?? Oh, ladies, you are in for a treat of the Godiva Chocolate kind. Five Days in Skye and London Tides are fantastic!! (covers below...)

These two books SLAYED me. Loved the romance, characters, plot, depth, etc. These books got it all. AND...wait for it...she's got another one coming soon--Under Scottish Stars!!! *this is me squealing in excitement* Read them. I am convinced you will be hooked and GAGGING for book three like I am.

And so now, you can spend some of that Christmas money you didn't know what to do with. ;) You won't be sorry.

Tell me what you read over the holiday AND, if you're feeling chatty, what books you are looking forward to this year.

Much love and best wishes for the new year, my friends!!!

As always, HAPPY READING!!