Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Contemporary Week Part 2

Better late than never, right??

Today's post is all about the fabulous contemporary romance's penned by the one and only Becky Wade. She is phenomenal and if you're a fan of Julie Lessman's historicals, you'll enjoy these. I kinda feel like Becky's are a contemporary version of Julie's--meaning they are well written, full of excitement, great characters and plenty of drama.

Here's a list of just SOME of her great novels. (She has a goodly number out there, and even a few novellas, so make sure you look her up!!)

 UNDENIABLY YOURS is free!! It's linked up so go get it, pronto! :)

All these books will capture you, I promise. And talk about fabulous covers!! She writes characters that are real, and the emotions and depth in the hero and heroine are fantastic. I highly recommend her, friends.

So have you read any of these? What did you think?

OK, look for another post on Friday when I'll be introducing a new contemporary romance writer that will knock your socks off!



  1. Becky Wade is awesome!! Her depth of emotion is fantastic, and her wit is laugh out loud funny. Thank you for featuring her!!

  2. we'll be there signing copies of our books as well! Meet the authors: Lisa Mangum, Sarah M. Eden, regency romance