Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today is your lucky day!

You're not going to believe what I did.

Allow me to explain....

I've been working hard (as I'm sure you can imagine) to get everything ready for my book's release. A thrilling--albeit overwhelming--experience. My learning curve is straight up and although I'm striving to make it as "smooth sailing" as possible, it's not without mishaps.

Here's where we get to the--eh, hem--embarrassing part.

As I was uploading my book onto the Kindle site and preparing everything to be "just right", I kept waiting for them to ask something like "What day do you want this book to be available on Amazon," or "Enter the date you would like your book to go live". But I never saw anything like that, so I continued filling in blanks and reviewing, etc.

Until finally, they said, (I'm paraphrasing...), "Everything looks great. Wanna publish it?"

So, I thought, "Well, sure I do--and I bet they'll ask me about the date soon--they have to."


Annnnnnnnnd not too long later I got an emailing saying something like, "Congratulations, your book is now available on".



Call it inexperience, call it the-act-of-a-frazzled-mother-trying-to-do-her-best-with-children-screaming-at-the-door, call is fate, call it crazy. But whatever you call it--it won't change the fact that the book that was going to be available May 12 is available NOW for your Kindle.

That's right, my book is FOR SALE!!! CRAZY!!!

The paperbacks are still coming soon and MIGHT even be available a bit sooner than planned, but that remains to be seen.

So, there's the embarrassing story of how one fledgling indie writer unexpectedly released her book a month early. It's ok if you laugh. It won't hurt my feelings. I promise. *wink*

But as one fabulous friend and fellow author said, "Amber, if you think that was an accident you're crazy. God wanted you to put this book out there now--because someone needs to read it." Those words have meant a lot to me and I can't help but wonder if she isn't completely right. (But if I tell her as much, it might give her a big head and we certainly don't want that..... *teehee*)

While we're on the subject of said friend and author, let me take a moment to tell you about her and share her generous review of SO FAIR A LADY.

I was honored to have Jennifer Major, author and Queen of the infamous blog, Tales from the Redhead, read my story and encourage me through these past weeks. Her review really lifted my nervous and apprehensive spirits, and she's been kind enough to allow me to share it with you.

Take it away, Jennifer:

"Eliza and Kitty Campbell are in royal trouble.
Their father is dead, their future is unsure, and they are knee deep in the midst of political turmoil that might tear them apart. But never fear, Samuel Martin is here. And there. And everywhere.
Thomas Watson is in royal trouble too, but the kind that gets you dead. The kind that Samuel Martin seems to have far too much skill at, and far too frightening for a young man alone.
Thomas Watson’s friend and mentor, Robert Campbell, was a spy for the Sons of Liberty, and his secrets have thrown his two daughters into a realm of intrigue, danger and certain death. Thomas must save them, and many others, and yet who can he trust? Where can he hide two women? And how far must he go before his actions are unforgivable?

Amber Perry sent me a copy of So Fair A Lady…and robbed me of sleep!!!
I was stressed, nervous, and had to take frequent chocolate breaks just to cope with Thomas and Eliza’s perils and problems! The story starts at a hard place and just plunges the reader down the waterfall, then out through the rapids, swirls through the white water than BAM, you’re down another chute!
I am a huge fan of Laura Frantz, Lori Benton and Tamara Leigh, and now? Amber Perry! I would HIGHLY recommend So Fair A Lady if you want to squirm, swoon and pray for the characters!
An excellent read, and seriously, you can sleep tomorrow night, right?"

Jennifer, God bless you for such a great review and thank you for your unending support!!!!!

Because of this unexpected release, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky winner will receive a copy of SO FAIR A LADY!!! Please leave your email addy in a comment below and I'll be picking said winner on May 2. (Shipping in America and Canada only, sorry. :( ) Please enter and share with your friends!!!!

So, now that my book is available on Kindle AND paperback, let me just say....

Happy Reading--and......

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!"

Oh, honey, you're gonna inhale this book, believe me.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Nothing will prepare you for the sheer brilliance of this story. The prose, the visuals, the characters, the setting--you will LIVE this novel (yes, live) and you will LOVE every minute of it!

Here are the top 5 reasons you won't be able to put it down.

5. Location, location, location. I've said it before and I'll said it again: there are typically three main characters in a great story--a hero, a heroine, and a setting. A good setting knows when to ebb and flow--it never out-shines and it never under-plays. It stays strong and steady, anchoring the characters as the story goes along. This book, had a fabulous setting!!

4. "Villain, villain, bo-billain, billain. Banana-fana . . ." ok, you get the point. ;) I really liked this novel's bad guy!!! AND I really liked that the third point of view, was actually NOT from the villain, but gave you a great idea of what the villain was doing, etc. Very unique.

3. Tamsen. *sigh* She was fabulous. I enjoyed her immensely. She was sweet and gentle, but tough and courageous at the same time. Three cheers for Tamsen. (And doesn't she have such a lovely name??)

2. Two words: Jesse Bird. *shudder in delight* Can I get a cool cloth, please? Seriously. Who cannot like a handsome, rugged, mountain-man-type hero? Jesse could do everything awesome and manly, and yet he could be romantic and gentle, too. You know you're swooning right now.

1. Page turning, edge-of-your-seat excitement! This book will keep you up and you won't care that you're exhausted the next day. The story/plot is wonderful and I loved the history that Lori wove-in. She is a master storyteller!! I adored her writing style and I have no doubt you will, too.

And here's the best part!! Lori has graciously offered to GIVE AWAY one copy of this book!!!! So, if you want to be entered, leave your name, email addy and a comment and in two weeks (April 17) I'll draw the name of the lucky winner.

PLEASE let me know when you've read this and what you thought of it!!!!

Happy Reading!