Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lady of Fire

SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am alive, thank you very much. You were beginning to think I'd disappeared, I know. And to be honest, its a little bit true. I've disappeared from many aspects of technology of late, and its been the best detox I've done in years!

However, this does not mean I have have stopped reading or that I have completely forsaken my fellow HCR friends and readers. Never! And to prove my point I have yet another review for you, despite the fact that it's been weeks since I've done my last one.

"Tell us, Amber? What book will you rave about now? Who is the author you will acquaint us with?"

Oh, you know her well. She's only the untouchable Tamara. :)

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Before you roll your eyes at me (I see you doing it!!!) and get all, "Yeah, we know you love her, blah, blah, blah..." let me tell you about her latest release and I can promise y'all, you will not be disappointed. Not at all!! (Do you love how I rhymed that? Totally unintentional.)

Lady of Fire is such a unique story--starting out in a setting I have never before read and it really hooked me from the get-go. With fascinating characters and intense action, this book was sure to have me up at night. And it totally did. You are not surprised, are you? *wink*

Lucien and Alessandra are both incredibly strong-willed characters that burn this book up with their, well, their passion. And I'm not talking about bodice-ripping passion (although they are kind of into each other...) I mean passion for their beliefs, convictions, etc.

The first half of this story was really, absolutely amazing!!! I felt like I WAS IN Algiers!!! Oh man, the blazing hot sun, the soft fabrics, the scents of spices. Seriously! I loved every bit of it. The second half changed dramatically when the setting moved continents, but stayed none-the-less intriguing, bringing readers back to the setting we are all so familiar with in Tamara's medieval books.

If you are ready for a novel that will keep you up for hours (not that you have presents to wrap or cookies to bake or anything...) then git'cherself a copy of this one, ladies! Clean passion, tons of adventure, awesome hero--I mean how greedy can you be? It doesn't get better than this!

Now, readers, I'm totally dead serious here. I need suggestions of new authors/books to read. You know what I like!!! I would LOVE to have some suggestions for great reads that will carry me through the holidays!!

AND I PROMISE that once the holidays are over, and once my edits are done I can get back to reviewing more. I just gotta find some good new books... :D

Happy Reading!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Surprised By Love

I have always done my very best to make sure I am kind and honest in my appraisal of the books I review. I understand that everyone has different opinions and tastes in what they read and that every author will write books we like and books we don't...

I'm thrilled to have read many very glowing reviews of Surprised By Love and as I am a HUGE fan of Julie Lessman I'm bummed I can't give it my highest rating, but that doesn't mean it won't be a win for you.

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

I absolutely devoured Julie's first six books. I mean, I really had a hard time putting them down. They are wonderfully written and the characters are deep, rich and intriguing. This new series promised much, though was an intended departure from her pervious style--less passion between characters, etc. Unfortunately, for me this new setting and these new people seemed almost to be a new "version" of the family (and setting) from the previous books which in a way I found confusing. The things they did and the way they communicated (playing games as a family, the heroes giving the heroines pet-names), things that were such a hallmark of the previous family/books-- drew me away from the story. I had a difficult time being hooked into the plot and following who everyone was because of this difficult-to-explain lack of individuality so to speak.

Here's the blurb:

"Shy and unattractive as a child, Megan McClare has always been teased by her classmates. But when she returns home from her senior year in Paris, the wallflower has suddenly blossomed into a beauty. With ambitions to become a lawyer or doctor, Megan accepts an internship at the district attorney's office only to discover that she will be working with Devin Caldwell, a boy who mercilessly mocked her at school--and with whom she was hopelessly enamored. She turns to her dear friend Bram Hughes for support and advice. But Bram's vision is clouded by his sudden unwelcome attraction to a girl he had always thought of as a kid sister. He advises forgiveness, but can he forgive himself for pushing the woman he loves into the arms of another man?"

There's a lot of fun to be had with this idea, but for me, it wasn't a hit.

I don't mean to steer you away from this book or this series, I think everyone needs to come to their own conclusion. This is just the way I felt about this. The first two books were fun, quick reads, but again, just a very different style from her first books.

Have you read it? What did you think? I do absolutely love Julie and I'm looking forward to what she has coming up in the future. :)

(I'm glad this is via cyberspace...that way if you throw tomatoes at me it won't leave a stain. LOL)

Happy Reading!
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lady of Eve

On a day like this (only those unfortunate enough to live in Kennewickistan will know what I'm
talking about) there are few of life's pleasures to be enjoyed. THANKFULLY there are books like this!

Book rating: Best of the Best

What would I do without Medieval heroes and heroines that snatch me from this lone and dreary world and carry me into a far better land of promise! SERIOUSLY?! I LOVE this era/setting!! I have completely binged on Tamara Leigh and here is my last review of her's--at least for a few weeks until her next book comes out . . . *wink*

Lady of Eve was all kinds of perfect. If you read Lady at Arms then you are familiar with the hero, and although the heroine is new, she is marvelous! (Actually--as much as I LOVED Lady at Arms, between the two, this one is my favorite!)

Graeye Charwyck hasn't had it easy. And now, called away from her marriage to Christ, her life is thrown into turmoil! She believes there is only one way out--and friends, I can tell you right now her mom wouldn't be happy with what she's chosen to do . . . gulp . . . but the thought of what awaits her is much more terrible. Yet, the consequences for her actions are more than she ever thought they would be . . .

Gilbert Balmaine is a man with a mission. He's tough, he's grumpy and he's fabulous. LOL I am not one to typically fall for brooding heroes, but Gilbert was so alluring with all his frowns and big muscles all over the place. I don't want to give too much away when it comes to these two, but I really liked their tumultuous relationship. It was super rocky at times, and there were points at which I really wondered if they would get together!!

A wonderful read that will surely consume you with its medieval perfection. I feel compelled to tell you, for those readers who try to keep their literary consumption free of all moral mishaps, what Graeye does is not, um, right, but as with Tamara's other books, there's nothing explicit and I personally would definitely consider this a clean read--but I just wanted to tell you because everyone has different opinions/preferences in that regard.

Sigh. I think I'm going to reread this one. Starting today. I need me some Gilbert.

Happy Reading!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lady at Arms

Oh me...oh life.....

I mean, really?! It's been wayyyyyyy too long since I've written a review--because of life--but friends, never fear. I am saving you from this painful dearth with a review that is sure to have you running for this book.

OK, well, my review might not be that great..... It's really the book Tamara Leigh wrote that's so stinkin' fabulous!

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Lady at Arms!!!! Or otherwise titled, "Ranulf the-hero-I-want-to-read-about-over-and-over". Mmmm mmmm GOOD! (Say it like the old Campbell's commercials...)

Maybe I'm biased. Maybe I'm addicted. Maybe I'm crazy--but either way, I'm very, VERY happy when I read a Tamara Leigh book so I don't care what anyone says. If you knew what was good for you, you'd make sure you had all her books on your kindle, em'kay?!

Lady at Arms is all that medieval deliciousness you've come to expect from Tamara. Magnificent setting, wonderful conflict and to-die-for characters. Lizanne is a great heroine, determined to find her attacker of years past and make him pay. She's tough--and I mean, tough!! (And yet, still with that soft femininity she just can't hide.) But, um, Ranulf is tougher--in all those very perfect, masculine ways. :) She believes she's got her man, but quickly finds herself the captured one and everything she thought she knew begins to unravel.... and oh--that's when all the romance and excitement begins!!

I must tell you.... this book is all kinds of romantic--VERY VERY romantic, yet still clean, which is super important to me and one of the reasons I'm so happy to have found Tamara Leigh. Tons of drama, great characters and just a perfectly delightful, exciting historical Christian novel. The rescue at the end of this story satisfied all my girlish desires! (cue soup commercial again...)

If you are gonna get some snow in the next few days and need something to read whilst you snuggle under a blanket, may I suggest inviting Lizanne and Ranulf over for a visit? I do believe you will be quite happy you did...

Happy Reading!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 random things you probably didn't want to know about me

I was tagged by a fellow writer/blogger to share with readers some fun facts/trivia about me that you might not already know. It's been eons since I've posted, so I thought this might be fun. Here it goes...

How tall are you?

5.5 and 1/2, though I nearly always claim 5.6 cuz, well, I just do.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I do the best impression on a groper fish you've ever seen.

What's your biggest blog pet-peeve?

Spammers. No, I don't want to see what you're selling on your blog that is totally and completely unrelated to mine!! GAH!

What's your biggest non-blogging pet-peeve?

I have many.... But the biggest one is other people's noise--music, chewing, bad words, crude subject matter. Just be quiet already!

What is your favorite song?

Without a doubt, my favorite song is When You Wish Upon a Star. I love to sing it to my children as a lullaby and even just sing it to myself. (Weird I know...) It's simply the most beautiful combination of word and song I have ever heard.

What's your favorite etsy shop?

Oh man, I am addicted to etsy. I don't have one favorite shop, I have several. And--you guessed it--all my faves are shops that sell 18th century related stuff. *sigh* If only I have a billion dollar, or even just five hundred... LOL

What's your favorite way to spend your free time?

Reading. Or writing.  Or reading.

What is your favorite junk food?

Fritos. Oh yeah!

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

No pets. Here's my philosophy: Big pet, big poop. Little pet, little poop. No pet, no poop.

What are your favorite fiction and non fiction books?

Non fiction? Right now I'm a HUGE fan of Nathaniel Philbrick--especially his book on the battle of Bunker hill. He makes history come alive and I seriously can't get enough.

Fiction? Well, if you follow my blog you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Tamara Leigh right now. My favorite book is her novel titled, The Longing. Bless my soul! If you haven't read it, you are really missing out.

Favorite beauty product?

I like making this organic/natural face mask. I don't know the amount of each, I just add each ingredient until I get the desired consistency--honey, lemon juice and oat flour. Oh man, I love the way my skin feels after ward.

What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

I came out of the bathroom one time with my skirt tucked into my undies--and NO ONE TOLD ME for like 5 minutes. *facepalm*

What is your favorite beverage?

Huckleberry Italian Soda. With a touch of coconut cream.

What's your favorite movie?

THIS is probably the hardest question. I'm an old movie junky! Two of my all-time favorites are:
The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer and It Happened One Night. (Very quotable movies!!)

BUT if we are talking about movies that really move you, and stick with you for days after you watch them, I'd have to say Band of Brothers.  I've watched it a hundred times and I'm always moved by it.

What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

I hated public school, I'm not gonna lie. Hated the stupid drama, hated that so many kids were jerks. I was home schooled through middle school and high school so I could focus more on music and acting, also so I could move as quickly through subjects as I wanted. I did do some choir, etc, at the high school in town, but that's about it.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

This is tricky for me, cuz I always get really analytical. But if we are simply imagining this for funs and giggles, I would pic a quaint town in the Swiss Alps. *sigh* Such simplicity and beauty! But if we are being practical, I'd probably choose Sandwich, MA. LOL Surprised? HAHA

PC or Mac?


Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

My husband is very sweet and romantic. He often surprises me with flowers when he comes home from work. I love that!

Favorite Celebrity?

Meh... I don't really have a favorite in Hollywood. My pick would be William and Kate. I adore them!!! I totally watched their entire wedding, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Which blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?

I've been following Rel Mollet's blog for like--ever. I would LOVE to be blog friends with her. I'm not even really sure she knows about my blog at all, but that's ok. I'm a slacker when it comes to posts anyway, which makes my review site an embarrassment in comparison to hers. LOL But, honestly, I'm ok with that. :) I'm very happy with my little blog.

That was the last question, ladies!!! Are you relieved??!! Way more than you wanted to know, huh?

I'd love to know more about you! Leave your answer to one of these questions in the comments!!

Be looking for new reviews coming soon!!!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So True a Love ~ COVER REVEAL and GIVEAWAY!!!

Ladies!!!!! I am SO pleased to be able to finally share with you the cover for book two in the Daughters of His Kingdom series, So True a Love. 

Coming Winter, 2015!!!

Here's the blurb:

Kitty Campbell knows that leaving the dangers of Boston behind for a more tranquil life in Sandwich is God's will for her. But not even twenty-four hours after arriving in the small sea-side town, she witnesses a terrible crime and is forced to stay silent or her family will be made to suffer. And yet, as the consequences for remaining quiet threaten more than just her family, Kitty is desperate to unload her burden. When handsome doctor Nathaniel Smith comes to her rescue more than once, she is tempted to risk everything by revealing what she knows, as her hidden attraction to the courageous patriot builds into much more than childish infatuation.

When Doctor Nathaniel Smith discovers the town's ammunition stores have been raided, he knows immediately who to blame--the hated Torries. Desperate to keep the remaining powder out of enemy hands, he vows to find the men responsible. Then when Kitty Campbell is brutally assaulted and refuses to name her attacker, he suspects she might know something and keeps a closer watch for her safety, only to discover a fleeting attraction he harbored long ago threatens to grow into something akin to love. Yet, he knows a Tory and a Patriot would make a terrible match. At least that is what his head understands, but can he make his heart believe it also?

~ ~ ~

Ladies, I really do hope you like the cover and that this little blurb gets you super-charged for this next book in the series. It's been a joy writing it, and I do hope you will love reading it.

And yes, I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY!!! So, if you would like to receive an early copy of this book, please sign up for my newsletter by GIVING ME YOUR EMAIL and your name in the comments below, and you will be added to the drawing which will take place two weeks from now. Thank you sooooo much!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baron of Godsmere COVER REVEAL!!!!


As you know I am a Tamara Leigh SUPER FAN!! Any historical this woman writes, I will read. Hands down.

So I am SOOOOO pleased to be able to share with you the cover for her upcoming release, Baron of Godsmere, the first book in her series, The Fued. Yes, if you were waiting, now is the time to start running around screaming like a teeny-bopper.

With this cover reveal I am happy to announce that Tamara has offered to giveaway an AUDIOBOOK  copy of her amazing novel The Unveiling!!  If you would like to be entered, make sure you leave a comment and your email addy below!!!! I will be doing the drawing one week from today!!

Tamara, I think I can speak for the collective HCR world when I say, we CAN NOT WAIT for this book!!!

Now without further ado, Baron of Godsmere. (Your computer asks you to please refrain from drooling...if you can.)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Love's Fortune


I need a bag to breathe into.... This series is OVER?! WHAT?!?!?!!?

Book Rating: Best of the Best

I'm gonna tell it straight. I had a hard time getting into this book. No explanation for it. For some reason it took me quite a while to warm to it--the plot, the characters...

BUT THEN!......

Then all of a sudden Laura goes all Emeril Lagasse on me, "BAM!" And I was hooked. In one crazy moment everything came together and I couldn't put it down.

If you have read the first two books in this series you KNOW you will be swept away by this one and will be balling like a baby when it's over. These people are REAL, ok, don't try and tell me that they're not!!! *growling breath*

It's ok, I'm ok... I'll get through this.

Wren, granddaughter of Silas and Eden ('member them? oh yeah!), has come to New Hope, and as lovely as it is, she yearns for her simple life in Kentucky. Society sucks her into its frothing swells, drowning her with its lust for money and formality. She cares nothing for it. If not for the charming and courageous James Sackett she might have returned home long before. (Hey, if I were her I would have stayed around for sure!!) Wren is a wonderfully beautiful heroine. She's strong, yet quiet--she knows what she wants and yet she wants other to be happy and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. I loved her. And wow. I love her name!

Let's talk about James real quick. He's an AMAZING hero. Really unassuming. I LOVED that. Just a kind, charming, regular kind of guy--and then--you get to know him more, and you see his depth, his courage and his willingness to sacrifice his life for others in a way that... GAH! And, not only that, he is super romantic and pretty much the perfect guy. So there you go. Want more? Oh there is more--READ THE BOOK!!!

This book has everything you have come to love from Laura. Drama, amazing historical details, poetic prose and a plot that is both beautifully simple and intricate at the same time. You will be flipping pages like mad. Believe me.

The end.... OH! THE END will kill you--it's absolutely perfect!!!

I can't wait to hear what you think of it!! Bless you, Laura, for a marvelous conclusion to a magnificent series! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

~Thank you to Revell for my free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review~

Happy Reading!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Bride in Store

Ladies, "countrywomen" from around the world, lend me your ears....

K, seriously, Melissa Jagears does not disappoint with A BRIDE IN STORE! You will love this one!!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

I've been looking forward to this novel for a long time! I Luh-HUVED (that's "loved" with emphasis, by the way) the first book and couldn't wait for this one!!

Such a fun and unique plot! I was enthralled from the beginning. Excellent characters, fun twists (like, I mean, REALLY fun twists... I've never seen this done before!) and beautiful Christian messages throughout. Melissa has such an easy writing style and includes great bits of subtle humor that will have you smiling from beginning to end.

Mail-order-bride, Eliza Cantrell (I love how close that name is to Eliza Campbell, from So Fair a Lady!!!) is arriving to town a few weeks early, but things turn foul when her dowry is stolen and her husband-to-be isn't even in town!! Eliza is a very delightful heroine--strong, but not annoying... gentle, but not weak.

The hero, William Stanton is caring for Eliza's almost-husband's business while he's away, even though he'd much rather be doctoring. (Isn't there just something extremely attractive about a young, handsome doctor-type? Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about.)

Sparks fly instantly but with Eliza ready to marry any day, they both believe nothing can ever come of what they feel for each other.

Oh man, I was SO surprised with so much in this book and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it!!! Well written, well thought-out and just a wonderful, inspiring read.

Congratulations, Melissa!!! Can't wait for book three!!!

ANNNNNNND.... wait for it.... Melissa is doing a giveaway!! To be entered, make sure you follow this blog and/or this blog's FB page and leave your email addy!!! I'll be picking a name in two weeks!!

Happy Reading!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Longing

I got a fever and the only prescription is more Everard!!!!!! EVERARD!

And, uh, oh yeah--jus' so ya know....

The Longing is THE BEST HCR I've ever read. That mean's its #1. That means it's my favorite.


(Have I used enough caps for you? Don't worry...there's more where that came from.)

Book Rating: Best of the Best of the Best of the Best . . . of the Best

At 32 years of age, I have finally reached the zenith of my life. I am complete. The Lord can take me now and I would be-- WAIT! Hold that thought, I can't die! What am I thinking?! I need to go back and read this book again. Right now. I want to memorize it. I want to read that kissing scene on the roof over and over until it is burned into my sub-cranium.

Ladies, listen to me very carefully: The Longing is the best HCR I have ever read. Let me repeat. THE LONGING IS THE BEST HCR I HAVE EVER READ!!! It's been several days now since I have finished, and I still can't stop thinking about Everard and Susanna. Best hero and best heroine, like, ever. Isn't that what makes a story? The characters? We don't immediately think of a plot or a setting, we think of the PEOPLE we read about. And the hero and heroine in this book will consume you.

Not that the story isn't completely amazing. Because. It is. The actual story itself is full and rich and deep and heart-wrenching and rounds out so perfectly at the end that believe me, you will not be able to put it down. Ask my good friend Jennifer about how I was in church and feeling totally guilty because I just wanted to go home and keep reading!! I have since repented for such thoughts, but it makes a point does it not.... ?

Now, to the best and sweetest name ever penned.


Sweet mother of mercy! That man KNOWS how to love a woman!!! WOO!! The romance in this book will SLAY you. Slay! I have read gobs of these novels, and in all my reading I have NEVER read a more perfectly romantic kissing scene. Nev. Er. The tenderness, the utter masculine perfection mixed with feminine grace and um, longing--AHHH! Not to mention the way the tension builds and how the plot flows so perfectly up to that moment.... Oh my word!!!! Brilliance. Utter brilliance. For me, right now, there is no other author than Tamara Leigh.

I wish I could be more entertaining and creative in my assessment of this novel. I can't. I can't think of any more fun or interesting ways to express how I feel, expect to tell you straight up. This book is friggin' awesome and you have to read it. I, Amber Perry, have deemed this required reading for all HCR enthusiasts.

Best series. Best book. The end.


The Kindling

Here's my pitch for a "perfume-esque" commercial for this book.

Picture this:

(In black and white)

An expansive and super-scenic country hill dotted with trees fills the sceen. A woman in the foreground--her gauzy white gown blowing in the wind--looks over her bare shoulder as her long, sumptuous hair waves in front of her face. She peeks behind her as an uber-hunky dude comes up and nudges her cheek with his nose. A horse comes out of nowhere, and suddenly they are riding on the beach. (I know it doesn't make sense but perfume commercials never do, just stay with me). Then, they are back at the hill, lying in each others arms, smiling and snuggling. That's when you hear this sexy woman's voice (English accent of course). She says, "Do you dream in Wulfrith?" Then you hear a whisper as the cover of the book appears at the bottom of the screen: "The Kindling."

I know, right? RIGHT? Super original and you can totally take it seriously. It's amazing. It's a wonder I'm not in Hollywood..... oh wait.....

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Are you at all surprised that I loved this one? I should think not. Not only did this book make me wish for the hundredth time that I had gorgeous red hair, it pretty much made me want to pull a Napoleon Dynamite and try out a time machine, because really, I'm obsessed with all things Medieval. Wait let me clarify--all things Wulfrith.

You absolutely must read these books in order. I mean, I am sure you don't REALLY have to, but it sure makes a biggo-hangin' difference if you do. So, without giving too much away, at the beginning of this book Able is recovering from a heck-of-a-fight. And frankly, he's a grump. But along comes this sweet and strong woman, Helene, and that's about all he needs to help him finally get around to accepting his fate, and embracing his future. (Vague, I know but I don't want to say too much and ruin it for you!!!)

This story is just as wonderful, just as beautifully written and just as expertly crafted as the first three. The plot, the characters--everything. In fact, a certain character that you have grown to love will play a large roll in this intricately woven story. In a word: DURAND! *sigh* I love him. Yes, I still love him even though his last name DOESN'T start with a W. (But you think Durand is ice-bucket worthy, wait until Sir Elias. *Elias*)

I know you love these books too, and it's ok if you dream in Wulfrith. I do.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Captured by Love

I haven't found a Jody Hedlund book I didn't like. Period.

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Another fantabulous Jody novel. As you know I'm a huge fan and have read ALL of her books, this one was just a great as the others!

Angelique (that name drips beauty!!) is a sweet, endearing character who has suffered greatly in recent years, when her childhood love, Pierre, returns to the island. Their love sparks quickly and the trials they face are frightening and numerous--will they be able to overcome such tribulation in the name of love?

Full of adventure and romance, this will novel satisfy every HCR fan, no problemo! A very enjoyable read, you could easily finish this in a day or two. One thing that stood out to me a great deal was the location and the fascinating history surrounding Michimalackinanana.... I mean, Michimilkamooka.... I mean.... well, anyway its this cool island that is now known as Mackinac Island. Pretty much, this book made me want to take a second honeymoon picturesque!!

How many of you have read this? What did you think?! This was the first book of Jody's I haven't been able to give my highest rating. As much as I loved it, I felt it was lacking somewhat in character development and depth. And.... I can't believe I'm going to say this.... the romance actually didn't feel real--it kinda felt mushy and shallow at times. DON'T SHOOT ME!! I know you probably didn't feel this way, but I feel compelled to be honest.

You've gotta let me know what you think!! Jody's got several more novels coming out soon!! YAY FOR US!! Congratulations, Jody, on another fabulous novel!!

Happy Reading!
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Friday, August 8, 2014

In Perfect Time

I'm breaking new ground here, and it's about freaking time!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Holy cow, people, I'm so glad I can make the rules. At first, when I started this blog I wanted to stick to pretty strict rules--only HISTORICALS--and for me, that pretty much meant anything pre-WW1. Well, I am happy to announce I have decided that rule stinks and I will now be reviewing books from Vietnam and earlier!!!!

This is my first WWII book--that I've reviewed on my blog--and I couldn't be more thrilled to do so! If you know me, you know not only my love of history, but my unyielding passion for WWII, and deep honor and respect for those who served in all capacities. I have become a GINORMOUS fan of Sarah Sundin thanks to this book and I plan to read all of hers--she is amazing. Not only does she write a fabulous story, her research and detail is stunning. For a history lover like me, that is paramount! I am blown away by what she knows and how she includes it so effortlessly in the story.

IN PERFECT TIME is the last in a three book series titled Wings of the Nightingale. You will LOVE it! I need to quickly repent and read the first two!!! LOL How many of her books have you read? Did you just devour them? I have no doubt you did!!

In this story we follow beautiful flight-nurse, Kay Jobson, who is known for being somewhat of a flirt, and leaving a trail of broken hearts where ever she goes. But it's not until she meets handsome and humble Roger Cooper (pilot), that she realizes she might be interested in settling down after all. Despite Roger's budding feelings for Kay, he fears he won't be able to give her everything she dreams of--and that's only the beginning of their troubles.

Folks, you will LOVE this story. Sweet, romantic, full of action and with a host of completely delightful characters, I have no doubt you will be completely hooked. Not only that, the spiritual nature of this book and the inner/personal conflicts were SO real and I felt so uplifted and edified. This is a Christian book that really makes you feel closer to God as you read. I LOVED the title...don't want to give anything away, but the more you read of this book, the more you will understand what it means--just beautiful!!

Let me know what you think of this once you've read it!

Buy it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Silent Governess

Another one I've been staring at for over a year! FINALLY!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Let's get one thing clear. I think the girl on this cover is way too pretty and should never be allowed to do covers again because it's tough on the rest of us ordinary peeps. Are you with me? *wink* Seriously, lovely cover, isn't it? It's one of the main reasons I bought this book.

As for the "inside", it was more enjoyable than I expected. After reading THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE I was kinda wary of reading any more of Klassen's books, but since this one was SUCH a huge hit and an award winner (right?) I had to give it a try.

First of all, I thought this book flowed much better than the Gatehouse book, and Klassen just has an amazing style. So beautiful! As for the characters, I thought Olivia (heroine) was extremely likable, and the hero was great! However, the romance--in my humble opinion--was tepid at best. I wanted MUCH more from them and I thought there were ample opportunities where things could have heated up, but it stayed mild. And for some people that's just what they want, so I guess that's why it is popular.

The plot kept me interested--mostly--, though at times I was temped to skim because I thought it got slow here and there. In the end, to be honest--and even though I gave it my second highest rating--there wasn't anything that made me want to pick it up and keep reading once I put it down.

If you are looking for something worthy of a mini-series, lots of family drama, and episodes of excitement with only slight romance then this one will be great for you!

Happy Reading!
Buy it!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Rose of Winslow Street

I've had this book on my shelf F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Forever! LOL

Now, I can finally say I've read it!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

If I had a rating between this one and Here a little, there a little--I'd use it for this book. I enjoyed it--mostly--but, it was so unusual in some respects (and the hero was such a puzzle) that I can't honestly say I would read it again. But isn't the cover marvelous?! *sigh* Pink!!

Elizabeth Camden is a fabulous writer--an award winning writer, in fact--and she does know how to craft an exciting tale. This is my second Camden book, and I think I could read more of hers. It seems like her style is to include of a lot of mystery and sometimes suspense. I enjoy that, and it keeps me reading. This story was no different.

Such a unique plot idea! Libby Sawyer has just learned that a strange family has taken over her home--and claims it legally as their own! She soon discovers that this family is not the frightening group of foreigners that everyone seems to think they are. And Michael Dobrescu is more intriguing that she cares to admit.

Speaking of Michael.... I still don't know quite what to think about him! He's a soldier--from Europe--and very tough, and yet he makes--perfume?! My first reaction is to think, holy cow, that's swoon-worthy. (And in fact there's a pretty romantic part in this book where he...well, I won't give it away.) But in the next instant, I think--gosh, that seems like such a feminine thing to do! So, I'm on the fence about him.

Overall, the book was nice--but I would have really enjoyed MORE romance. In fact, I think there was barely a kiss. For many audiences that is an awesome thing--its very clean and sweet, but I would have loved to see more romantic tension between them, more "pure" passion, you know?! Also, there was another female character in this book that had a good place, but she stole a lot of the story and it seemed to break away from what was happening with the hero and heroine.

OK. That's my take on things. What did you think of this? Did you like it or not--tell me why, I just have to know! ;)

Happy Reading!!
Buy it!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Redeeming

Wanna hear a funny story?......


Well. Too bad..... you're gonna hear it anyway.

(Oh and by the way... I just kinnnnnnnda liked this book.)

Stick around cuz if you follow my FB page, you can enter the giveaway I've got goin' on....

Book Rating: Best of the Best

So you know a book/series is good when it, well, CONSUMES you! I mean CON-SUMES!!

OK, so this is what I mean. It was 4th of July morning and I'd just finished The Redeeming the night before at like midnight. I could-not-stop-reading-this-book! COULD NOT STOP, and it was still swimming in my mind... *sigh* So, before the obligatory small-town parade started, I ran across the street to take my (adorable, if I may say so) 5yo daughter to use the ladies room. Whilst washing hands at the sink, up beside me steps this leggy blonde. And of course, since I was STILL consumed with thoughts of Christian and Gaenor I thought to myself, "Self, that lady kinda reminds me of Gaenor." So I allowed myself a longer look and that was my doom. This woman, whoever she was, was my EXACT idea of what Gaenor looked like and I seriously couldn't stop staring. Tall, long dark-blonde hair, a lovely face....must have been around 25-26 years old, I don't know. I'm sure the lady thought I was a psycho. But here's the thing--I didn't care. (OK, maybe I cared a little bit.) I was THIS close to wanting to stop her and compliment her, as someone might when they see a person who looks like, say {insert name of famous person here}. But in this case I wanted to say, "Excuse me, but has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Gaenor Wulfrith...or I mean, Lavonne... *giggle*." And in my imagination she would smile, flip her perfectly long, wavy hair over her shoulder (because it WAS perfectly long and wavy) and say with a bit of red in her cheeks, "Well, thank you so much. I love Gaenor--you just made my day!"


Instead, I had the most difficult time not letting my jaw scrape across the bathroom floor as I struggled to help my little-one while (shamelessly) gawking.

This book, this SERIES is amazing. I love that Tamara has this elaborate story world and that her plots seem to flow effortlessly into one another. In fact, sometimes I feel like these stories are so real that they simply EXIST. Do you know what I mean? They are so good that I don't feel Tamara there at all--I feel like these stories just appeared out of nowhere for our blessed enjoyment.

The tension in this story is phenomenal. Let me spell that for you again. PHEN. OM. ENAL. (When you break it apart like that, it's actually Latin for Must. Read. Book.) I really BELIEVED this tension, I believed that these emotions and this intensely difficult situation existed for these two. There is so much going on--the raw, deep, real struggle. Gah! Am I making myself clear?

And the romance! AH! I won't even get started. Not to mention the spiritual side of it? I have no words.

SO.... in honor of my new FAVE series AND the fact that I have just reached (way over) 300 likes on FB, (many, MANY thanks to Jen Turano for that!!!) I am GIVING AWAY, yes, GIVING AWAY 3 COPIES of Tamara's first book in this series, The Unveiling. If you would like to be entered, please make sure you follow my FB page (and this blog, if'n ya want)--but all that good stuff is made easy by RAFFLECOPTER! The drawing will be in two weeks.... so you've got plenty time to do your readers-duty and tell everyone and their puppy about this, ok?! :)

I can't wait to write the next review, but I need to finish it first, so I shall bid thee farewell so I can once again be consumed by my latest obsession.

Buy it!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Tomorrow's Garden

I've had this on my shelf for a while so it was nice to finally find out what was inside! (Being laid up for a few weeks has a nice way of allowing a reader to whittle down that TBR pile!)

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

I have now read all of Amanda Cabot's books and overall I can honestly say, she is a very fine author. Her style is subdued, often very mild on the romance--and even sometimes a bit slow in the plot department for me--but there really is something to be said for a gentle, easy read and she really delivers there.

Tomorrow's Garden was a nice end to this series. I had really liked the Texas Ranger from Scattered Petals and I was really thrilled to see he was the hero of this book. Lawrence Wood was a very enjoyable hero, though a bit mild for my tastes--I tend to like a hero with more umph. (And by that I'm not honestly sure what I'm trying to say, but I think you might know what I mean, so I hope that's clear as mud for ya. *wink*)

The general story was not unlike many you have read in the past--young school teacher down on her luck and having to care for her younger siblings now that their parents are dead--but having enjoyed the first few books in this series it was fun to get to come back to this town and see everyone again. Do you like that about series books? I love it!

The heroine was kind of an ugly duckling-type--unaware of how attractive she actually was and not really sure why anyone would be interested in her. It took a while for the romance to heat up, and it never got Lessman-worthy, but it was sweet and rounded out the series very nicely.

I almost has more fun reading about the other characters (from previous books) than I did about these two, but that's just me.

If you are looking for something mild, easy on the nerves and a novel you can pick up and put down as needed, this is a great one.

Happy Reading!
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Thursday, July 3, 2014


I had read the first few pages of this many moons ago, and uh.... talk about a hook!

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Oh man, is it possible to dislike a hero in a book? I did. At least for the first little bit, and then he changed his tune and I really liked him. LOL Seriously, he was a complete tool... and then he was awesome. And THAT my friends, is what I found so interesting about this story.

Hatcher has has some interesting plots and this was one of her most unique. I don't want to give away the beginning, but once you start you'll be all, "Whaaaaaaaa????"

You won't want to stop reading....

And then you'll be like, "Oh man, I hate that dude. LEAVE HIM DIANA!" (Diana is the heroine, btw...)

Then after a while you'll go, "Hold on a sec, Diana give this guy a chance."

And pretty soon, it'll be midnight and you won't be able to stop until it's done. Really, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I've been a Hatcher fan from day one. Not all of her stories are this great, but I must say this series is my favorite of hers by far.

Have you read this series--this book? It was awesome wasn't it?

Happy Reading!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Pelican Bride

I have been looking forward to reading this book from the moment I saw the cover. WOWZA! Its got to be one of the top-five BEST covers so far this year, don't you think?

Overall, this is a sweet little tale, but with a few bumps for me.

It was tough, however in the end I decided I had to rate it thus...

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

This new author has a really great style and did a fine job choosing an exciting era and setting. Unfortunately, it was so unique at times that I found myself a bit confused. You know that happens to me easily.... I admit it, OK?!

I had such a hard time trying to figure out how to pronounce some of the French names/words (some Native American names as well) that it pulled me away from the story, but that might only be an Amber problem. (Give a girl a break OK, I took Spanish, not French... LOL)

The relationship between the heroine and her sister--which occupies a great deal of the story--was not as warm and endearing as I would have liked and at times I found the younger sister's jealous attitude a bit of a turn off. The heroine Genevieve was genuine and very likable with a secret in her past that was a nice twist!

Now.....let's talk about the hero for a second, shall we?! Tristan Lanier was all kinds of rugged-awesomeness, so that was a huge plus there. However, I was disappointed he wasn't in the book very much. I tend to prefer stories where the H&H have lots of opportunities to be together and this one didn't have much of that in my opinion. As well as, there were lots of characters and (again) I had difficulty remembering who everyone was.

Now, lest you begin to think I am a woman of little brain ("Holy cow, Amber couldn't figure out who everyone was??") I shall call to your remembrance that I have not been well of late and will blame said cloudy-brain on that--and the lack of French lessons.

Overall, it really is a nice read and a fun beginning to a series--which of course is the reason for all the characters I couldn't remember. *wink*

OK. Your turn. Thoughts???

(Thank you to the publisher for a free copy to review)

Happy Reading!
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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Yielding

There isn't....

I can't begin to....

How can I even....

Uh.... apparently there's only one way to describe this book.


Book Rating: Best of the Best

This is your brain:

This is your brain on Tamara Leigh:

As a reader, you will seriously not be the same. This second book, The Yielding was beyond even my cloud-nine expectations. And considering how much I enjoyed the first one (you read my review of The Unveiling--you know the considerable gushing that took place) I didn't think I could realllllllly like this book as much as I liked the first one. I mean, how can you get better than 100% fabulous? Well, the Age of Faith series has a standard, and I'm gettin' the idea that its met every single time.

This book follows the story of Lady Beatrix, Garr's younger sister. (Hold on a sec did some one say Garr??) Yes, I did, and I know its difficult, but try to keep yourself together. Anyway, Beatrix is accused of something she didn't do and the man who wants to see justice done, ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for! We'll get to Dr. Dreamy in a second but first I want to talk about the heroine....

BLESS MY SOUL! As much as I loved Annyn (she is still one of the best heroine's I've ever read), I think Beatrix is even "more awesomer"! The perfect balance of courage, conviction, faith and femininity. You know those Rambo-esque heroines where they're so tough they scare you? Or the ones that are so blasted stubborn you feel like wringing their little necks and screaming, "Jeez girl, I don't know why he's into you, you're crazy!" Well, enter Lady Beatrix. Beatrix was brave and very courageous, but with all the class of Audrey Hepburn. She stuck to her convictions without once being annoying--IN FACT, I was inspired by her quiet determination and faith that more than once I found myself sighing in awe of her. Her trust in God was so real and so deeply rooted, I determined I want to be more like that.

As with The Unveiling, this story has an incredible spiritual thread. I haven't been so touched by a Christian message in a long time, but this one--of yielding to God--struck me. There was nothing in-your-face or preachy at all. Which, of course, is another one of the reasons why I find Tamara Leigh so out of this world. She is able to weave this thread that is so powerful and makes me want to improve myself without once making me feel like she did it on purpose.

Before I go on, I NEED to talk about our beloved hero, Dr. Dreamy, i.e, Michael D'Arci. This man is Fab. U. Lous! FABULOUS!! *shudder* Not only does he have muscles on top of his muscles (think Chris Hemsworth) and the sheer magnetism of James Bond (Sean Connery, Daniel Craig--take your pick), his spiritual transformation made me literally fall in love with him--like, really in love. There's a scene in this book--oh my word!!--with him in his armor when he and Beatrix... Oh, I can't give anything away, but let me just tell you. I cried. And for me, that's really rare. It was so touching and sweet and so romantic, I mean I nearly died. But I had to stay alive to keep reading...... so..... *wink*

Have you gotten book one yet? Have you let your house go to pot while you blissfully get lost in the world of the Wulfriths? There's still time to repent... go by these now and I won't tell anyone it took you so long. *teehee*

Happy Reading!
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Unveiling




I was spell-bound, seriously, DRUGGED by this book's amazing-ness. I Could. Not. Put. It. Down.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

I have been told by many of you, "Amber, will you please grab half a clue and READ TAMARA LEIGH!"

Fine already!!! *hehehehe*

All kidding aside, I eventually took your advice and let me tell you.... it was angels and visions of glory for every blessed PAGE!! This woman knows how to WRITE! I mean, let's be honest, you and I read these books like their goin' outta style. We know there are good books, and awesome books, and Best of the Best books.........

and then there are HER books.

I don't want to.... you know.... over do it and say that this might just be my new favorite HCR (even though it is!!!) because that might lead some people to be skeptical. "Come on, Amber, really. I mean I'm sure it's good but it can't be THAT good."

Oh yeah?????

There are so many AH-mazing things about this story I honest-to-goodness don't know where to begin. The plot (ANGEL CHORUS!!!), the writing style (BLOW YOUR MIND) and the characters (PERFECT!! Did I just say that.....?) And just in case you didn't know, the hero's name is Garr and you spell it: L-O-V-E.

Before we go any father can we just all take a moment and sit down, and talk like civilized adults? UM NO! Because Garr will make any woman start running around and screaming like a fifteen year old at Donny Osmond concert. (That's for you Jenny 'ol girl...) Only this hero is waaaaaaaaaaay more amazing than any pop star. I mean, he IS a knight. As in knight-in-shining-armor. As in that is just about the hottest thing ever. As in I just swooned. Again. For the hundredth time. BUT not only is he strong and super good looking and could kill a bad dude with his pinky finger--he is gentle and righteous and romantic and a really great kisser and .... hold on, I need to stand in front of the fan for a sec...

Anyway, you get the point.

As for the heroine, she is equally fabulous. Right now I would like to stand and applaude Tamara for writing a completely wonderful and beautiful heroine with SMALL BOOBS! I mean, we all know curves are awesome, but size C boobs do not a beautiful, endearing, hero-worthy heroine make! Can I get an amen?! Annyn is brave and tenacious, but she is also wonderfully feminine and sweet. GAH! I loved her. I decided we need to be best friends.

Uh.... before I continue this and run the risk of overdoing it here, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for pushing me on the Tamara path because it has changed my HCR life.

I need to get back to reading book two....


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Captive Maiden

Before I launch into this review, I'd like to just say my aforementioned "spidey senses" were off on this one. *slanted smile* Has that ever happened to you?

I was VERY excited, due to the beautiful cover and honestly believed I would love the actual story, however, as much as I tried to like it, I found it did not meet my expectations as I'd hoped.

(Disclaimer: I am a firm believer in the fact that not all books are for all readers, and I know that this author has a strong following and this story is generally well-liked, so this is in no way meant to dissuade anyone from reading this book--it is simply my opinion!)

Allow me to explain myself....

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

The beginning of The Captive Maiden started off smashingly. I was drawn in and for the first few chapters, I couldn't put it down....

And that's when it started to crumble. The story itself had GOBS of potential which kept me reading, but by the half-way point (cue the ominous music "dun, dun dunnnnnnn"), I had a difficult time continuing--and not just because the plot slowed. The writing style of this author had me exquisitely puzzled. It seems almost as if it were written for a younger audience, because even though there were distinct points of view, I couldn't grasp the characters due to the prevalent passive "voice" and the many times the author spoon-fed me the emotions and situations instead of making turn into a "movie" in my mind. IE: "show, don't tell."

(Disclaimer two: There is nothing inherently wrong with writing that way, and she is obviously a very talented writer with a strong love of Christ and the scriptures which I greatly admire, so don't be hatin' on me! LOL I feel quite compelled to make sure I am honest in all my reviews.)

The other factor that made it difficult for me to love this novel, was the border-line preachy nature of the story. Don't get me wrong here folks--I love a great Christian message in stories like this--its one of the main reasons I read them, HOWEVER, this one seemed forced and drew me away from the story because it just didn't seem to fit. (Disclaimer three: refer to disclaimer two.)

Also, the plot didn't move forward after things got rolling. It almost seemed as if the characters were doing the same thing over and over--struggling to escape the clutches of the devilish villain.  I was soooo bummed that I wasn't able to love this the way I wanted.*sniff*

I might have had to give this book my lowest, rating but folks, IT'S CINDERELLA!! My all-time favorite fairly tale. Of. All. Time. ALL TIME!

I would highly recommend this book to younger readers or someone who just wants a simple, mild story.

Have you read this? What did you think? Should I give her other books a try?!?!

Happy Reading!
Buy it!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fair Play

'Member when the teeny-tiny novella-ish teaser of this book came out last year? Oh man, that got me excited!!! I gave it Best of the Best!

Wish that excitement could have lasted *sniff* a bit more *sniff again*....

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

Oh ladies, ladies. I had SUCH great hopes for this story, and as you well know I am a huge fan of Dee's, but this story fell kinda flat for me.

The hero and heroine were enjoyable to a degree, but there wasn't much to entice me to continue reading about Billy Jack and Hunter Scott. For me, the "fair" kinda did a number on the story, as it had done in the first book. It took too much of center stage for me to be able to sit back and just get lost in a story about a boy and girl, you know what I mean? Not that having great historical facts, settings, etc. are bad, but it seemed like a third wheel and distracted me from the story.

Also, the initial premise seemed to get lost as the plot continued and therefore my interest got lost along with it.

Now, please know that again, its a great clean story and its got some super cute scenes, (also some super sad ones...) and as always I encourage readers to give it a try and see for themselves if they will like it--because if you look at the Amazon reviews, its got a lot of good ones! This might fit your bill!

Did you read her first "Fair" story, what did you think of it? Are you interested in reading this one--or if you HAVE read it--what did you think?

I will continue to give Dee a try, even though her last few have been a bit of a bummer. Onward and upward!

(Thank you to the publisher for my free review copy!)

Happy Reading!
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hope At Dawn

There are so many great things about this story--none of which have to do with the fact that Stacy wrote the hero to look like Chris Evans. Abbbbbbbsolutely nothing. ;)

Book Rating: Best of the Best

We were enjoying a few blissful days on the Oregon coast whilst I was savoring said book--such a perfect read for a vacation. I kept turning to my husband and saying, "Holy cow! This book is amazing!" And I meant it every single time. Not only does this novel have a gorgeous cover, it has a gorgeous story inside, as well.

Stacy Henrie has done a brilliant job with this first book in her Of Love and War series. Livy Campbell and Friedrick Wagner are so delightful and SO REAL that it made the story truly come to life for me. Their romance bloomed just like you would imagine real romances would--delicately, and faithfully over time and I believe that is what sold me on this from page one.

OK, hold on.... I take that back.....

I LOVED the setting as well!!!! I believe this is the first WWI story I have read and it captured my imagination and really got me thinking about a time in history I know so little about. (Then again I am a history nerd, so I get excited about that kind of thing...)

Livy lands a teaching job in a German community--and during the Great War, that was not something to be taken lightly. Soon, everything she thought she knew about family and love is put to the test. Especially when a strapping young German comes into the picture....

Friedrick loves his adopted country of America, though others in the surrounding areas refuse to believe so and continue to threaten him and his family. As his affections for Livy grow--and his for her--will they be able to keep each other safe amidst the turmoil, or will their hearts be broken as their world crumbles around them?

I can't recommend this book enough! I know you will love it--and please let me know what you think after you've read it!!

Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For Such a Time

I remember when I first starting hearing the "buzz" about this story.....

Oh my!!

My, oh my, oh my.

I get it now. This book is just a litttttttle buzz-worthy. Just a little. *wink*

Book Rating: Best of the Best

You know how sometimes you just know before you even start reading a book that you are going to like it? My "spidey" senses aren't always "on" but they were in this case. I LOVED this book!!!

I can't summarize this well enough, so I decided to just include the blurb:

"In 1944, blond and blue-eyed Jewess Hadassah Benjamin feels abandoned by God when she is saved from a firing squad only to be handed over to a new enemy. Pressed into service by SS-Kommandant Colonel Aric von Schmidt at the transit camp of Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia, she is able to hide behind the false identity of Stella Muller. However, in order to survive and maintain her cover as Aric's secretary, she is forced to stand by as her own people are sent to Auschwitz.

Suspecting her employer is a man of hidden depths and sympathies, Stella cautiously appeals to him on behalf of those in the camp. Aric's compassion gives her hope, and she finds herself battling a growing attraction for this man she knows she should despise as an enemy.

Stella pours herself into her efforts to keep even some of the camp's prisoners safe, but she risks the revelation of her true identity with every attempt. When her bravery brings her to the point of the ultimate sacrifice, she has only her faith to lean upon. Perhaps God has placed her there for such a time as this, but how can she save her people when she is unable to save herself? "

Oh my goodness! You're dying to read this aren't you!?!? Good! Because you will love it!

Right from the get-go you are hooked. The NEED to keep reading is overpowering. Breslin does an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat--and making you cry! Due to the tender nature of the time and subject, I found myself weeping a time or two. Heartbreaking! Then, in the same instance, the beauty of the story and the faith and hope that is woven into the plot and characters is astounding.

The heroine Stella (Hadassah), was strong and yet vulnerable in all the right ways. I was rooting for her from the beginning and I knew, no matter how the story ended, that I wouldn't be able to forget her. The hero, Aric, was brooding and so dark at times that I wasn't even sure if I could like him--but in the end, he was FABULOUS! This book was not your typical story from Bethany. I haven't seen any historicals like this so far from them (not that I've read them all of course). So deep and heart wrenching-- and SO many STEAMY kisses! Hoo-ee! *fans self* Rest assured, everything was clean and appropriate, of course, but WHOA!

This is not a story that you can sit and read in a day or two. I mean, of course you could if you have that kind of time. For me, I took days to read this because I believed it deserved my time and attention. It almost commanded me to slow down and read every beautiful sentence.

Lastly, the ending clutched me at the throat and wouldn't let go until the last page. I literally thought, "Oh my word, I can't believe it is going to end this way!" Then, well.... I can't say any more, but I promise you will be smiling heartily inside and out!

I cannot recommend this book enough.

You. Will. Love. It.

Happy Reading!
Buy it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Whisper Her Name


Wow, has it been a while--or has it been a while?! FEW! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to review again! *sniff*

But, this forced hiatus has been GREAT for my TBR pile! It's only about three stories high now, as opposed to five. That's improvement, right? ;)

If you have followed me for a while you know that this book (TO WHISPER HER NAME) has taken me a looooong time to get excited about. I know, I know--its Tamera Alexander! She's amazing--what's the big deal, Amber?

I LU-HUVED her first books, but these newer ones..... I just can't get excited. Am I the only one that can't do any more post-Civil War stories--from the South?! After this one, I think I am done. At least for like twelve years. OBVIOUSLY, there's a huge market for them and I'm not who they are catering to.... but I digress...

I know this review won't be popular with the masses, but I need to "mine own self be true"...or however that saying goes.... *slanted smile*

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

First, PLEASE let me say that I know in most circles this book is extremely popular and in truth, there is nothing inherently wrong with this story. It's beautifully written and the hero and heroine are well developed--which for me was the saving grace. Annnnnd there was some great romantic tension in parts, as well as a few FAB-ulous kisses. *wink, wink*

As much as I enjoyed Olivia Aberdeen and the likable hero, Ridley Cooper, I found most of the plot quite slow and in the end--there was nothing to compel me to continue reading. Not a super great sign--I like a book to consume me. If I have to stop reading to change the laundry over or break up a fight, I want to be gagging to get back to the book. It was just too easy for me to put this one down.

I know a lot of my reader friends out there found this one to be fabulous! So, I'd love to hear from you. Please tell me what it was about this story that you enjoyed!

Be looking for more reviews in the coming weeks!!!

HUGS and
Buy It!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today is your lucky day!

You're not going to believe what I did.

Allow me to explain....

I've been working hard (as I'm sure you can imagine) to get everything ready for my book's release. A thrilling--albeit overwhelming--experience. My learning curve is straight up and although I'm striving to make it as "smooth sailing" as possible, it's not without mishaps.

Here's where we get to the--eh, hem--embarrassing part.

As I was uploading my book onto the Kindle site and preparing everything to be "just right", I kept waiting for them to ask something like "What day do you want this book to be available on Amazon," or "Enter the date you would like your book to go live". But I never saw anything like that, so I continued filling in blanks and reviewing, etc.

Until finally, they said, (I'm paraphrasing...), "Everything looks great. Wanna publish it?"

So, I thought, "Well, sure I do--and I bet they'll ask me about the date soon--they have to."


Annnnnnnnnd not too long later I got an emailing saying something like, "Congratulations, your book is now available on".



Call it inexperience, call it the-act-of-a-frazzled-mother-trying-to-do-her-best-with-children-screaming-at-the-door, call is fate, call it crazy. But whatever you call it--it won't change the fact that the book that was going to be available May 12 is available NOW for your Kindle.

That's right, my book is FOR SALE!!! CRAZY!!!

The paperbacks are still coming soon and MIGHT even be available a bit sooner than planned, but that remains to be seen.

So, there's the embarrassing story of how one fledgling indie writer unexpectedly released her book a month early. It's ok if you laugh. It won't hurt my feelings. I promise. *wink*

But as one fabulous friend and fellow author said, "Amber, if you think that was an accident you're crazy. God wanted you to put this book out there now--because someone needs to read it." Those words have meant a lot to me and I can't help but wonder if she isn't completely right. (But if I tell her as much, it might give her a big head and we certainly don't want that..... *teehee*)

While we're on the subject of said friend and author, let me take a moment to tell you about her and share her generous review of SO FAIR A LADY.

I was honored to have Jennifer Major, author and Queen of the infamous blog, Tales from the Redhead, read my story and encourage me through these past weeks. Her review really lifted my nervous and apprehensive spirits, and she's been kind enough to allow me to share it with you.

Take it away, Jennifer:

"Eliza and Kitty Campbell are in royal trouble.
Their father is dead, their future is unsure, and they are knee deep in the midst of political turmoil that might tear them apart. But never fear, Samuel Martin is here. And there. And everywhere.
Thomas Watson is in royal trouble too, but the kind that gets you dead. The kind that Samuel Martin seems to have far too much skill at, and far too frightening for a young man alone.
Thomas Watson’s friend and mentor, Robert Campbell, was a spy for the Sons of Liberty, and his secrets have thrown his two daughters into a realm of intrigue, danger and certain death. Thomas must save them, and many others, and yet who can he trust? Where can he hide two women? And how far must he go before his actions are unforgivable?

Amber Perry sent me a copy of So Fair A Lady…and robbed me of sleep!!!
I was stressed, nervous, and had to take frequent chocolate breaks just to cope with Thomas and Eliza’s perils and problems! The story starts at a hard place and just plunges the reader down the waterfall, then out through the rapids, swirls through the white water than BAM, you’re down another chute!
I am a huge fan of Laura Frantz, Lori Benton and Tamara Leigh, and now? Amber Perry! I would HIGHLY recommend So Fair A Lady if you want to squirm, swoon and pray for the characters!
An excellent read, and seriously, you can sleep tomorrow night, right?"

Jennifer, God bless you for such a great review and thank you for your unending support!!!!!

Because of this unexpected release, I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky winner will receive a copy of SO FAIR A LADY!!! Please leave your email addy in a comment below and I'll be picking said winner on May 2. (Shipping in America and Canada only, sorry. :( ) Please enter and share with your friends!!!!

So, now that my book is available on Kindle AND paperback, let me just say....

Happy Reading--and......

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!"

Oh, honey, you're gonna inhale this book, believe me.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Nothing will prepare you for the sheer brilliance of this story. The prose, the visuals, the characters, the setting--you will LIVE this novel (yes, live) and you will LOVE every minute of it!

Here are the top 5 reasons you won't be able to put it down.

5. Location, location, location. I've said it before and I'll said it again: there are typically three main characters in a great story--a hero, a heroine, and a setting. A good setting knows when to ebb and flow--it never out-shines and it never under-plays. It stays strong and steady, anchoring the characters as the story goes along. This book, had a fabulous setting!!

4. "Villain, villain, bo-billain, billain. Banana-fana . . ." ok, you get the point. ;) I really liked this novel's bad guy!!! AND I really liked that the third point of view, was actually NOT from the villain, but gave you a great idea of what the villain was doing, etc. Very unique.

3. Tamsen. *sigh* She was fabulous. I enjoyed her immensely. She was sweet and gentle, but tough and courageous at the same time. Three cheers for Tamsen. (And doesn't she have such a lovely name??)

2. Two words: Jesse Bird. *shudder in delight* Can I get a cool cloth, please? Seriously. Who cannot like a handsome, rugged, mountain-man-type hero? Jesse could do everything awesome and manly, and yet he could be romantic and gentle, too. You know you're swooning right now.

1. Page turning, edge-of-your-seat excitement! This book will keep you up and you won't care that you're exhausted the next day. The story/plot is wonderful and I loved the history that Lori wove-in. She is a master storyteller!! I adored her writing style and I have no doubt you will, too.

And here's the best part!! Lori has graciously offered to GIVE AWAY one copy of this book!!!! So, if you want to be entered, leave your name, email addy and a comment and in two weeks (April 17) I'll draw the name of the lucky winner.

PLEASE let me know when you've read this and what you thought of it!!!!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Soldier's Secrets

The more I read Love Inspired books, the more I like them.

Let's just say this book REALLY made me want to read the first one in the series, Sanctuary for a Lady. It is now on my TBRRN list. (That's "to-be-read-right-now" for those who didn't know. *wink*) And I JUST heard from Naomi that her third book in the series comes out in January of next year!! Yeah!!

Book Rating: Best of the Best

Holy smokes!! This story was excellent. Naomi is a truly gifted writer and she really knows how to hook you into every scene. There's a lot of excellent action, great history (you know I love history!!) and seriously, there's a kiss in this book that is--well, it's perfect.

Bridgett Dubois, the heroine, is very wonderful. Tough, sweet, generous, thoughtful--I really liked her. She is a widow with several children and works hard to make sure they are safe--which isn't an easy task. Her father-in-law is blackmailing her--and what he's forcing her to do could ruin everything. (Don't want to give too much away here, ladies, but it's pretty exciting!!)

Jean Paul (our beloved hero--really, REALLY fabulous) is haunted by his actions during the French Revolution--even though he had acted in the name of liberty. When he meets Bridgett, he finds that perhaps he can open his heart once again, but he fears what she will think of him when she discovers the truth of what he's done.

The emotions that were woven into these characters were very real and at times, extremely touching. One of things that I found especially interesting was the history. The extent of my knowledge about the French Revolution comes from The Scarlett Pimpernel and Les Mis. Not super great. So, this really opened my eyes on some things I had no idea about.

You can't wait to read it, can you?? *teehee*

Congratulations, Naomi, on another wonderful story! I know readers are going to love it, just like I did!!

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 10, 2014

No Place for a Lady

I was very excited to start this book thanks to a recommendation by my very dear HCR friend, Candy!! Candy has great taste and we have very similar "likes" in books, so I knew I would enjoy this one--and I did!!

Overall, I'm a big Maggie Brendan fan. I've read several of her books, though not all. This particular novel was intriguing enough, but I picked up on a few writerly things that made the story less fabulous than it might have been otherwise . . .

Allow me to explain.

Book Rating: Somewhere between Up All Night'er and Here a little, there a little

Maybe being a writer taints me as a reader, I don't know. But when I started this book I noticed right away a few things that turned me away from the story no matter how engaging it was. I won't spend much time on those things, but let it suffice that I found the actual writing passive and telling a lot of the time which pulled me out of the story.

The basic plot--girl with no family goes to a Colorado ranch and ends up needing to run the place. Honestly, even though there are almost too many of these plots to count, I still like them! There's great conflict, and just so many fabulous opportunities for romance, don't you think? *grin* The premise and setting were intriguing enough to keep me interested, but honestly it was the characters that I found less so . . .

The heroine, Crystal, didn't really come alive to me. I didn't get to know her and "feel" her emotions and struggles as I would have liked, but I think that might have been due to the writing style. Again, this is just my opinion. As for the hero, it's hard not to fall for a cowboy--am I right?! In this case, Luke is pretty great. However, even though their relationship just didn't have to spark I was looking for. But again, that might have been due to the writing style--or maybe it's just an Amber thing.

There were some really great scenes that I don't think I've ever really seen in another book--won't say what they are cuz I don't want to give it away . . . but in that repsect, I found it a very enjoyable read.

Thank you, Cathy for this fabulous recommendation! And please, if any of you ever have a recommendation please let me know--I'm always excited to learn about new books!

Happy Reading!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Ransom

Imagine me 13 years younger, in a cute blue and white cheerleader outfit with a smile the size of Montana.... and don't you dare laugh! ....OK, maybe you can laugh a little bit.

Give me an "A": A!
Give me an "L": L!
Give me an "E": E!
Give me an "X": X!

Gooooooooo, ALEX!!! WOOOO!!!!! (Jumping up and down, waving pom-poms kicking--etc, etc.)

Well, I can tell you couldn't imagine such a thing without rolling on the floor, IN TEARS from laughter, but seriously--you will do the same thing when you read MaryLu's new book The Ransom. It is definitely one of THE BEST!

Book Rating: Best of the Best

I knew I was going to love this book. I am a HUGE MaryLu fan--in fact I can't think of a single one of her books that I didn't devour in a matter of days--or hours in some cases! This book was no different.

Juliana Dutton is not unlike many heroine's you have read about--but that doesn't stop her from being fabulous! Stubborn and brave, Juliana is determined to continue her mother's legacy of caring at the orphanage and run her dying father's business no matter what anyone says--or does to stop her! If only she can get that dashing--and frighteningly mysterious--Pirate Earl out of her mind.

Alex Hyde is just about one of the most dashing heroes I have ever read, ladies. (Hence the cheering at the beginning...) The thing I really enjoyed about this hero was his struggle to find himself and his eventual "coming to Christ".  Not only were his good looks (think Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Hunstman...) and charm enough to make any woman stay up until three in the morning, you get to enjoy several FABULOUS rescue scenes, and we KNOW ladies love a damsel in distress, right?! *teehee* At least I do....

There are so many fun twists and mysteries in this book, I don't want to say much more for fear of giving anything away. But I will say this--the setting, Port Royal, Jamaica was enchanting! MaryLu can always make you feel, taste and smell everything around you. Let's just say, as much as I loved it, I wouldn't have wanted to visit there! Yikes! (Read it and you'll know what I mean!)

Thank you so much, MaryLu, for allowing me to read this as an influencer! I loved every word and can't wait for more!!

Here's where the GIVEAWAY comes in! If you are interested in being entered to win, please comment below and tell me which of MaryLu's books is your favorite! Don't forget to leave your email addy. This giveaway will be open for two weeks. Tell your friends! Believe me--you'll want to read this!

Can't wait to hear what you think about this one!


Happy Reading!!
BUY IT! (Just FYI, right now it's only available in ebook, but in a few days it will be available in print as well!!)