Friday, July 11, 2014

The Rose of Winslow Street

I've had this book on my shelf F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Forever! LOL

Now, I can finally say I've read it!

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

If I had a rating between this one and Here a little, there a little--I'd use it for this book. I enjoyed it--mostly--but, it was so unusual in some respects (and the hero was such a puzzle) that I can't honestly say I would read it again. But isn't the cover marvelous?! *sigh* Pink!!

Elizabeth Camden is a fabulous writer--an award winning writer, in fact--and she does know how to craft an exciting tale. This is my second Camden book, and I think I could read more of hers. It seems like her style is to include of a lot of mystery and sometimes suspense. I enjoy that, and it keeps me reading. This story was no different.

Such a unique plot idea! Libby Sawyer has just learned that a strange family has taken over her home--and claims it legally as their own! She soon discovers that this family is not the frightening group of foreigners that everyone seems to think they are. And Michael Dobrescu is more intriguing that she cares to admit.

Speaking of Michael.... I still don't know quite what to think about him! He's a soldier--from Europe--and very tough, and yet he makes--perfume?! My first reaction is to think, holy cow, that's swoon-worthy. (And in fact there's a pretty romantic part in this book where he...well, I won't give it away.) But in the next instant, I think--gosh, that seems like such a feminine thing to do! So, I'm on the fence about him.

Overall, the book was nice--but I would have really enjoyed MORE romance. In fact, I think there was barely a kiss. For many audiences that is an awesome thing--its very clean and sweet, but I would have loved to see more romantic tension between them, more "pure" passion, you know?! Also, there was another female character in this book that had a good place, but she stole a lot of the story and it seemed to break away from what was happening with the hero and heroine.

OK. That's my take on things. What did you think of this? Did you like it or not--tell me why, I just have to know! ;)

Happy Reading!!
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  1. I liked this book quite a bit. I think this was the 2nd book by Elizabeth Camden I had read as well, but it is probably one of my least favorites. I'm glad to read that you will continue to read more by her.

  2. I am not a huge pink fan, but lately every book cover that I just automatically think "Oh, gorgeous" is pink.....been thinking of telling Bethany to make my next covers pink.....

  3. I've read the book but it's been a while. I don't remember anything negative while reading it, but it's been a while.....therefore I'm gonna have to read it again!!

  4. Hey Amber -- I haven't read this book - - but I did read The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden and the review you gave this one would have been the same I would have given for Lady of Bolton Hill. The covers are beautiful - - and the overall story line is ok - her character depth is good - but I like a little more romantic tension between the H&H. She writes a good faith based read - - but I wasn't wowed enough to read more. I guess I'm a little too spoiled to knights in shining armor and damsels in distress...... I guess you can't put mail-chain on every hero huh??? I know Elizabeth Camden has a good following and she's a good writer. I look forward to your next review!!