Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Pelican Bride

I have been looking forward to reading this book from the moment I saw the cover. WOWZA! Its got to be one of the top-five BEST covers so far this year, don't you think?

Overall, this is a sweet little tale, but with a few bumps for me.

It was tough, however in the end I decided I had to rate it thus...

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

This new author has a really great style and did a fine job choosing an exciting era and setting. Unfortunately, it was so unique at times that I found myself a bit confused. You know that happens to me easily.... I admit it, OK?!

I had such a hard time trying to figure out how to pronounce some of the French names/words (some Native American names as well) that it pulled me away from the story, but that might only be an Amber problem. (Give a girl a break OK, I took Spanish, not French... LOL)

The relationship between the heroine and her sister--which occupies a great deal of the story--was not as warm and endearing as I would have liked and at times I found the younger sister's jealous attitude a bit of a turn off. The heroine Genevieve was genuine and very likable with a secret in her past that was a nice twist!

Now.....let's talk about the hero for a second, shall we?! Tristan Lanier was all kinds of rugged-awesomeness, so that was a huge plus there. However, I was disappointed he wasn't in the book very much. I tend to prefer stories where the H&H have lots of opportunities to be together and this one didn't have much of that in my opinion. As well as, there were lots of characters and (again) I had difficulty remembering who everyone was.

Now, lest you begin to think I am a woman of little brain ("Holy cow, Amber couldn't figure out who everyone was??") I shall call to your remembrance that I have not been well of late and will blame said cloudy-brain on that--and the lack of French lessons.

Overall, it really is a nice read and a fun beginning to a series--which of course is the reason for all the characters I couldn't remember. *wink*

OK. Your turn. Thoughts???

(Thank you to the publisher for a free copy to review)

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  1. Yes, I thought the same thing reading this book. I LOVED the rich history in it. The characters were full of character, but I would have loved a lot more time for the H&H to be together. I will agree the names were a tad hard to keep separate in my head - and I took french in high school! Overall I liked the story. :)

    1. Hi Susan! I love when readers comment, thank you!!! And I'm also glad you kinda felt the same way about the story--that means I wasn't off the band wagon too much. LOL But yes, it was a fine story and lots of good characters for the subsequent books. :)

  2. Ha, I read the Counte of Monte Cristo and got mad that I wasn't sure I was saying all the French names right, so I bought a French grammar....maybe one day I'll have enough time. (I speak spanish and always turned my nose up at French because it sounds so wussy, but when it messes with my reading!!!! Drastic measures! :)

    1. Melissa! I totally should have done that--what a lazy girl I am. LOL

  3. I liked this story as well, but I did wish there were more interaction between the H&H. I also loved the cover, it's what drew me to the story.