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The Yielding

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Uh.... apparently there's only one way to describe this book.


Book Rating: Best of the Best

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As a reader, you will seriously not be the same. This second book, The Yielding was beyond even my cloud-nine expectations. And considering how much I enjoyed the first one (you read my review of The Unveiling--you know the considerable gushing that took place) I didn't think I could realllllllly like this book as much as I liked the first one. I mean, how can you get better than 100% fabulous? Well, the Age of Faith series has a standard, and I'm gettin' the idea that its met every single time.

This book follows the story of Lady Beatrix, Garr's younger sister. (Hold on a sec did some one say Garr??) Yes, I did, and I know its difficult, but try to keep yourself together. Anyway, Beatrix is accused of something she didn't do and the man who wants to see justice done, ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for! We'll get to Dr. Dreamy in a second but first I want to talk about the heroine....

BLESS MY SOUL! As much as I loved Annyn (she is still one of the best heroine's I've ever read), I think Beatrix is even "more awesomer"! The perfect balance of courage, conviction, faith and femininity. You know those Rambo-esque heroines where they're so tough they scare you? Or the ones that are so blasted stubborn you feel like wringing their little necks and screaming, "Jeez girl, I don't know why he's into you, you're crazy!" Well, enter Lady Beatrix. Beatrix was brave and very courageous, but with all the class of Audrey Hepburn. She stuck to her convictions without once being annoying--IN FACT, I was inspired by her quiet determination and faith that more than once I found myself sighing in awe of her. Her trust in God was so real and so deeply rooted, I determined I want to be more like that.

As with The Unveiling, this story has an incredible spiritual thread. I haven't been so touched by a Christian message in a long time, but this one--of yielding to God--struck me. There was nothing in-your-face or preachy at all. Which, of course, is another one of the reasons why I find Tamara Leigh so out of this world. She is able to weave this thread that is so powerful and makes me want to improve myself without once making me feel like she did it on purpose.

Before I go on, I NEED to talk about our beloved hero, Dr. Dreamy, i.e, Michael D'Arci. This man is Fab. U. Lous! FABULOUS!! *shudder* Not only does he have muscles on top of his muscles (think Chris Hemsworth) and the sheer magnetism of James Bond (Sean Connery, Daniel Craig--take your pick), his spiritual transformation made me literally fall in love with him--like, really in love. There's a scene in this book--oh my word!!--with him in his armor when he and Beatrix... Oh, I can't give anything away, but let me just tell you. I cried. And for me, that's really rare. It was so touching and sweet and so romantic, I mean I nearly died. But I had to stay alive to keep reading...... so..... *wink*

Have you gotten book one yet? Have you let your house go to pot while you blissfully get lost in the world of the Wulfriths? There's still time to repent... go by these now and I won't tell anyone it took you so long. *teehee*

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  1. Another priceless review of an excellent book!!

    In fact, I took a wee bit ill this past weekend and was confined to my solar...bedroom...whatever...and read this book again.

    Imma hafta wear a nametag upsidedown...because...umm...yeah...

    I cannot find ANY chain mail on ebay and my husband refuses to answer to Lord D'Arci, or buy us a broken down abbey with a crypt. Not fair!

    He can't even ride a horse!

    If anyone needs to find me, I'll be at Soaring.

    Tamara Leigh, nails it again!

    1. I'll join you, Jennifer! Can we invite Garr? ;)

    2. Oh, you gals! I think it would be enormously fun to sit down to coffee with both of you. Of course, we'd probably have some dirty looks coming our way :)

    3. Can we invite Garr? Is the sky pouring ice cold rain upon us and is poor Sartan tossing Beatrix and...umm...You Know Who???

      Tamara? Oh my word, that would be fun!

  2. Goodness, Amber Lynn, you've done it again--I'm "over the moon" thrilled with your review of The Yielding. I adore your take on Beatrix. I know some readers didn't like her as much as Annyn because she's very different--quietly strong and determined--but I didn't want a cookie cutter heroine. So glad you understand her so well. Blessings, friend!

    1. Tamara! I'm SO thrilled you don't do cookie cutter heroines--Beatrix is beautiful inside and out, I adore her!!! You are so gifted, and I feel SO grateful to have found you and your stories! Thank you, thank you!!

  3. Well, Amber, your reviews are becoming almost as entertaining as Tamara's stories - hehe! Love it!

    1. She does make me giggle, Rel, and I really shouldn't be doing that at my age, but it's nice :)

    2. Rel!! I'm seriously so tickled to have you stop by my blog! I've been a fan of your review site for a long time, so it is very fun to have you comment and even more fun to hear you enjoy my style of reviewing. :) Thank you so much!
      And Tamara, I am so happy my reviews make you giggle!! Laughing is a youth serum you know.... ;)

  4. LOL, oh Amber. This is why I love reading your blog. You are always fresh and hilariously honest. Another squee-tastic review!
    Tamara, I think she deserves some sort of commission because I'm pretty sure a ton of people bought the first book after her review of it the other day. ME included!!!! Who can resist when the review is THAT squee-worthy?!
    And now I'm wondering how the heck I have missed out on Tamara Leigh books thus far? My friends are slacking. I need to spread the love now.

    1. Hey, Susan! I concur--Amber is amazing. Of course, I can't help but be a bit biased with her reviews of my books. Ahem. But what fun! She seems to have more personality in her little finger than I have in my whole body :) Careful with waving your hand around, Amber, you might tip over :)

  5. Oh Amber - once again your review is "Spot On" - - and so funny!!!
    I love the "your brain" images - LOL - and so true!!!
    I am so jealous of you, that you're in the "just started" phase of Tamara's books - - I had to put on my gardening knee pads this morning just for the extra time spent repenting over my "green" confession.
    And my house?????? Let's just say I tried duct-taping my kindle to the vacuum cleaner and pretended that I was actually doing something - I kinda looked like one of those Roomba's - I would vacuum until I hit a wall or chair and then just back up and go in another direction. I finally gave up and just signed a truce treaty with all the dust bunny's that if they would just line up and stay neatly piled on top of each other, then they could stay.
    I know exactly what time my hubby gets home so I run in - throw flour on my face, squirt myself with the sink spray and quickly start stirring an empty pot of dinner.
    My husband became worried that I had some kind of "illness" so I went to my doctor and when he came in my little room and I was sitting on the table with one hand clutching a Wulfrith dagger and the other with a vise grip on my kindle - he just stepped back and said - "alas - it's the "Tamara Leigh Virus" - there is no cure - return to yon keep - let the wench pass undisturbed".
    Beware Amber - by the time you finish the series - you too will join the ranks of the "DD" (Drooling and Desperate) - but oh what a knight!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, dear Pam! Is that you? Yes, indeed :) You know, you and Amber might just be related. You certainly both possess the rare ability to make a person burst out in joyful laughter. Tamara Leigh Virus--snort!

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