Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Whisper Her Name


Wow, has it been a while--or has it been a while?! FEW! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to review again! *sniff*

But, this forced hiatus has been GREAT for my TBR pile! It's only about three stories high now, as opposed to five. That's improvement, right? ;)

If you have followed me for a while you know that this book (TO WHISPER HER NAME) has taken me a looooong time to get excited about. I know, I know--its Tamera Alexander! She's amazing--what's the big deal, Amber?

I LU-HUVED her first books, but these newer ones..... I just can't get excited. Am I the only one that can't do any more post-Civil War stories--from the South?! After this one, I think I am done. At least for like twelve years. OBVIOUSLY, there's a huge market for them and I'm not who they are catering to.... but I digress...

I know this review won't be popular with the masses, but I need to "mine own self be true"...or however that saying goes.... *slanted smile*

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

First, PLEASE let me say that I know in most circles this book is extremely popular and in truth, there is nothing inherently wrong with this story. It's beautifully written and the hero and heroine are well developed--which for me was the saving grace. Annnnnd there was some great romantic tension in parts, as well as a few FAB-ulous kisses. *wink, wink*

As much as I enjoyed Olivia Aberdeen and the likable hero, Ridley Cooper, I found most of the plot quite slow and in the end--there was nothing to compel me to continue reading. Not a super great sign--I like a book to consume me. If I have to stop reading to change the laundry over or break up a fight, I want to be gagging to get back to the book. It was just too easy for me to put this one down.

I know a lot of my reader friends out there found this one to be fabulous! So, I'd love to hear from you. Please tell me what it was about this story that you enjoyed!

Be looking for more reviews in the coming weeks!!!

HUGS and
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  1. Amber.... I am shocked at your rating on this book! One of my top 10 favorite books ever! Just shocked......

    Georgianne Barnett :( (very sad face)

    1. Georgianne! I'm sorry this review made you sad. :( I'm glad you loved it, though! Not all books are for everyone.... let me know what you think about my up-coming reviews as well! HUGS!

  2. Nope. I have to agree with you, Amber. I enjoyed her earlier books, especially The Fountain Creek Chronicles series. Rekindled is still my favorite! I don't care for post Civil War Era books. And I live in the South. :)

    1. Hi Anne!! I LOVED the Fountain Creek Chronicles--they were fabulous! In fact, one of those is in my top ten. But yea, I agree, this one didn't do anything for me. :/ Thank you so much for commenting, Anne!!! HUGS!!!!!!

    2. Anne! OK, I goofed. I liked the Timber Ridge books best--but the FC books are fun too.

  3. I've only read her newest book, A Beauty So Rare, so I'm excited to discover more of her writing. I don't read many books about war (since I get so emotionally tied to books I read they get me depressed easily), but when I do, I like them to be uplifting, which I found hers to be. I think 'setting burnout' is why I like to read so many different genres within Christian fiction- it helps me to not get tired of reading the same type of book. Thanks for sharing your honest review- I think it's good to know going in that the pacing will be somewhat slow, so I don't have other expectations.

    1. Heidi! Tamera's Timber Ridge books are amazing!! I LOVED them. I like the Fountain Creek ones as well, but not as much. Let me know what you think of them if you read them. I think they were just recently on sale for kindle, not sure if they still are.