Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 random things you probably didn't want to know about me

I was tagged by a fellow writer/blogger to share with readers some fun facts/trivia about me that you might not already know. It's been eons since I've posted, so I thought this might be fun. Here it goes...

How tall are you?

5.5 and 1/2, though I nearly always claim 5.6 cuz, well, I just do.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I do the best impression on a groper fish you've ever seen.

What's your biggest blog pet-peeve?

Spammers. No, I don't want to see what you're selling on your blog that is totally and completely unrelated to mine!! GAH!

What's your biggest non-blogging pet-peeve?

I have many.... But the biggest one is other people's noise--music, chewing, bad words, crude subject matter. Just be quiet already!

What is your favorite song?

Without a doubt, my favorite song is When You Wish Upon a Star. I love to sing it to my children as a lullaby and even just sing it to myself. (Weird I know...) It's simply the most beautiful combination of word and song I have ever heard.

What's your favorite etsy shop?

Oh man, I am addicted to etsy. I don't have one favorite shop, I have several. And--you guessed it--all my faves are shops that sell 18th century related stuff. *sigh* If only I have a billion dollar, or even just five hundred... LOL

What's your favorite way to spend your free time?

Reading. Or writing.  Or reading.

What is your favorite junk food?

Fritos. Oh yeah!

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

No pets. Here's my philosophy: Big pet, big poop. Little pet, little poop. No pet, no poop.

What are your favorite fiction and non fiction books?

Non fiction? Right now I'm a HUGE fan of Nathaniel Philbrick--especially his book on the battle of Bunker hill. He makes history come alive and I seriously can't get enough.

Fiction? Well, if you follow my blog you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Tamara Leigh right now. My favorite book is her novel titled, The Longing. Bless my soul! If you haven't read it, you are really missing out.

Favorite beauty product?

I like making this organic/natural face mask. I don't know the amount of each, I just add each ingredient until I get the desired consistency--honey, lemon juice and oat flour. Oh man, I love the way my skin feels after ward.

What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

I came out of the bathroom one time with my skirt tucked into my undies--and NO ONE TOLD ME for like 5 minutes. *facepalm*

What is your favorite beverage?

Huckleberry Italian Soda. With a touch of coconut cream.

What's your favorite movie?

THIS is probably the hardest question. I'm an old movie junky! Two of my all-time favorites are:
The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer and It Happened One Night. (Very quotable movies!!)

BUT if we are talking about movies that really move you, and stick with you for days after you watch them, I'd have to say Band of Brothers.  I've watched it a hundred times and I'm always moved by it.

What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

I hated public school, I'm not gonna lie. Hated the stupid drama, hated that so many kids were jerks. I was home schooled through middle school and high school so I could focus more on music and acting, also so I could move as quickly through subjects as I wanted. I did do some choir, etc, at the high school in town, but that's about it.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

This is tricky for me, cuz I always get really analytical. But if we are simply imagining this for funs and giggles, I would pic a quaint town in the Swiss Alps. *sigh* Such simplicity and beauty! But if we are being practical, I'd probably choose Sandwich, MA. LOL Surprised? HAHA

PC or Mac?


Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

My husband is very sweet and romantic. He often surprises me with flowers when he comes home from work. I love that!

Favorite Celebrity?

Meh... I don't really have a favorite in Hollywood. My pick would be William and Kate. I adore them!!! I totally watched their entire wedding, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Which blogger do you secretly want to be friends with?

I've been following Rel Mollet's blog for like--ever. I would LOVE to be blog friends with her. I'm not even really sure she knows about my blog at all, but that's ok. I'm a slacker when it comes to posts anyway, which makes my review site an embarrassment in comparison to hers. LOL But, honestly, I'm ok with that. :) I'm very happy with my little blog.

That was the last question, ladies!!! Are you relieved??!! Way more than you wanted to know, huh?

I'd love to know more about you! Leave your answer to one of these questions in the comments!!

Be looking for new reviews coming soon!!!

Happy Reading!


  1. I thought it was great getting to know you! I'll have to check out that Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer movie!

    1. Heather! Yes, that movie is FABULOUS--amazing writing and great comedic timing, I love it. LOVED reading your answers to these as well, Heather, thank you for accepting the "tag"!

  2. I've never seen that one either, Heather! Loved learning about you, Amber-dear!

    1. Amy! How fun you see you here!! Thank you for the tag--this was loads of fun. :) And I must say if you like It Happened One Night, I'd love to know what you think about this other one. It's a hoot!

  3. Don't be ashamed at having watched William and Katherine's wedding. My mom, sisters, and some teen girls from church all watched it together at our house. Mama made hot tea and a modified English fry-up breakfast for us all. I bought the DVD of the BBC's coverage and another DVD with much of the same thing, except it included the engagement interview. I'm a big European royal fan and have watched several of the weddings live. Some have been in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, etc., and I didn't understand a word, but watched the whole thing live anyway! I love weddings and royals, so there you have it. :)

    1. Sylvia!!! I KNEW I liked you! LOL *wink* I do really have a fan-girl thing going for Kate and William. I can't ever get enough!! :) Loved learning that you enjoy that too!!

  4. You are hilarious! We have the same philosophy on pets. I'm quoting you to my husband next time the subject of getting a dog comes up. Right now our deal is, you buy me a house, I'll think about a dog. I love old movies but I never knew there was one with Cary Grant and Shirley Temple! My favorite obscure old film is The Reluctant Debutante. I'm having a heck of a time finding it in letterbox format- saw it on TV that way and it's the only way to go! As soon as I'm done with the blog tours I signed up for through mid-November I'm dropping everything to read Tamera Leigh's series you keep raving about! I won some Amazon credit so I have no excuses... not that I need any to buy more books :)

    1. HAHAHA!!! Heidi!! Kindred spirits indeed. Yeah, I don't know how it happened but my daughter says I promised her a cat when she turns eight and I have no recollection of that.... so I might be doomed in a few years. YIKES! And PLEASE let me know what you read Tamara, I'm just dying to know what you think.

  5. Okay, that seals it--you're delightful! Love the insight into Amber Lynn Perry and the personality that shines from your words. Of course, I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my books. And I think you know I adore Rel Mollet, too. You are both amazing ladies.

    1. Tamara! I always get all fan-girlie when you comment. THANK YOU!! I hope you have a very blessed evening!! HUGS!!!

  6. I'm late to the party - but I'm here..... and I loved the "insight into Amber Perry" blog - fun!! You certainly hit on my fav author - - Tamara Leigh!!! I've never been one of those "stay up all night and camp-out in line to be the first to some event" type person - - - until I read Tamara Leigh's books. Now....... I have the tent, the camp-out gear, the stay out in sub zero weather clothes, and will guard my place in line with a fierceness to rival the Incredible Hulk for first dibs on a new release!!!! LOL!! And she's got one coming out right at Thanksgiving - - "Lady of Fire" - - - me and my big turkey leg have a corner claimed for a feast session - - both for my tummy and my eyes - - YUM-YUM!! I love the fact that your husband has a romantic side to him... sounds like God gave you just the right man. . . . now if he'd only TRY to suit up in some mail, he'd be the PERFECT man - LOL!! Keep writing Amber - - I'm waiting for your next release too!!

    1. Pam!! Oh my, I always smile so big when I see you here, thank you so much!! I couldn't agree more about Tamara, you know that! I too am VERY excited about her next releases!!! And thank you for your kind words about So True a Love, you really made my night!! Blessings, Pam!

  7. Amber Lynn Perry!!! Can we be friends...pretty please? Anyone who loves the fabulous Tamara Leigh's books as much as I do must be a kindred spirit ;-)

    Thank you for your kind and generous words but you were wrong! I certainly do know you and your blog :)

    Email me and we can chat :) xo

    1. REL!!!! Is it true?! Do my eyes deceive me?!?! You have absolutely made my MONTH!!! Kindred spirits?! I do think so.... ;) (I just messaged you, by the way! ;) ) Thank you so much for stopping by, I have rarely smiled so big!!

    2. Love it - Amber & Tamara :) xo