Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blue Moon Promise

I am drawn to HCRs set in Texas like a moth to a flame.  So I couldn’t resist this book!  It was my first taste of Colleen Coble, I really enjoyed her style!

Book Rating:  Up All Night'er

Overall, the story was great fun and the romance was swoon-worthy.  This book is a nice, easy read, no doubt about it!

Lucy Marsh has had a rough go of things in the past several months.  And now that her father has passed away it’s all she can do to keep her and her two younger siblings together.  When an old family friend comes and offers her a way for them to stay together, her desperation makes it impossible for her to pass up.  The proposition?  Marry the man’s son, sight unseen, (with the father as proxy) and move to Texas the next day.  (I just love those kinds of books!!  So fun!!)

Anyway, Mr. Nate Stanton (a lovely cowboy!!) is none too thrilled to learn about his new wife and her siblings that are now also under his care.  However, as you can rightly assume, this new hubby and wife fall in love over time and everything works out well in the end.  Are you surprised?!  *teehee*  (I don't think I would like it if it didn't turn out well!)

In conclusion, if you want a no brainer, read it.  You'll enjoy it.  The references to the scriptures and God were great!  I was very impressed with that.

Happy reading!
Buy it!

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