Monday, May 14, 2012


If you ever want a fabulous read--one that is low on “heavy” and high on “fabulous” pick up a Hatcher book.  Belonging is the first in a three book series (I am reading them in order this time…go figure!) and it’s a great start!

Book Rating:  Up All Night’er

This lovely story takes place in a wonderful little town in Idaho.  Felicia Kristoffersen is the new school teacher, and even though she is thrilled to be there—and determined to do her very best, she knows that there are some people who aren’t thrilled about her arrival.

Colin Murphy was devastated by his wife's death five years ago.  Now, he has only one concern: his daughter Charity.  He wants her to get a good education, but he is afraid that Felicia is inexperienced, and more concerned about getting married than really being a teacher, and he knows it will break Charity’s heart.

This beautifully simple romance will sweep you away to a delightful world.  The characters seem very real to me, and I love that the spiritual message is so clear.

So, find yourself a nice little bowl of your favorite night-time treat (in my case, some homemade granola… Hey, there’s nothing boring about that, compadre!), grab this book and relax.  You deserve it!  Bon appetit!

Happy Reading!
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