Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Song of My Heart

When I read these books I like to find the things that I have in common with the leading lady.  Sometimes those things are easy to find and sometimes there’s nothing at all.  In Song of My Heart, my connection was the music.  I was actually wondering if any writer had done a story about a girl that likes to sing…so when I found this book I knew I had to read it.   (Can  I just interject a little something here while we are talking about “connecting” with the leading lady—where are the leading ladies with brown hair and brown eyes! WHERE ARE THEY?!  I only know of one book so far where the leading lady had brown hair AND brown eyes.  I’m not feelin’ the love.)

Book Rating:  Best of the Best

I found this book to be a complete joy.  It just goes to show that you may have to try a few books from the same author before you give up on them completely.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Sawyer after reading A Hopeful Heart, but I gave this one a try and, boy am I glad I did!  I had a very hard time putting it down.

Sadie is a sweet devoted girl, who goes to work at a mercantile in Kansas to provide for her family who live hundreds of miles away in Indiana.  She also has been “chosen” to sing at the towns Opera House.  But there is something fishy going on and Sadie can’t quite seem to put her finger on it.

Thad McKane is a Sheriff (‘member how I love those lawmen!?) who has come to town to look into some illegal boot-legging.  He is just a totally lovable guy.  I wouldn’t name him as a rugged man-of-a-man, but he is very appealing.  Maybe his character is supposed to be that way since he is trying to follow his dream of becoming a preacher.

Thad is beginning to fall for Sadie in a bad way (or I should say a good way…hehehe…) but he is beginning to think she might somehow be involved in the crimes he came to town to investigate.

You will thoroughly enjoy this book.  It’s light and and a pure delight (like my play on words there?) to read.

Happy Reading!


  1. Amber, I so much appreciate your recommendation on good books. I don't read many novels because I usually can't bond with them, etc. But I will definitely take your suggestions seriously! Thanks a ton!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I am sure you will love these books! Let me know what books you choose to read and how you would rate them! :)

  2. Just discovered your blog - and love it! I love Christian romance fiction, historical and modern day...and we seem to have similar tastes (based on the reviews I have read so far). I have to say that for the most part, I love Sawyer's books - I have read all but the most recent couple (including this one, so I will have to read it stat!), and have not really been disappointed! You really need to give Julie Klassen another try - I have just started reading her books relatively recently and LOVE all of the ones by her that I have read. Have you ever read Georgette Heyer? Not a Christian author, but a good, clean Regency romance...LOVE her!

    Am bookmarking your page, and will be back!


    1. Jennifer! Thank you SO much for checking out my blog! I am thrilled you like it!! I will be starting some book give-aways in the summer for those that "follow" my blog just FYI. :) Also I am grateful for your suggestions! I just bought The Silent Governess...I do want to give Klassen another try. And I have never heard of Heyer--I'll check her out!
      Thanks again! Lastly, look for 4 more reviews sometime next week!