Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Lady Like Sarah

It was one of those nights.  I had gotten sucked into this book and there was no stopping me.  Even though I was deathly tired—my eyes were burning and blood-shot, and my head was pounding from what felt like the weight of two anvils.  Must……keep…..reading…..must………keep………reading.

The next day was a blur.  Was it worth it?  Oh yes it was.

Book rating:  Best of the Best

What a unique idea for a story!  Sarah Prescott comes from a family of outlaw brothers.  She has never known a “real” family, and believes she will never have one.  There is a price on her head and a hangman’s noose waiting for her in Rocky Creek.  Even though the charges against her are trumped-up, what chance does she have?  She’s a Prescott.

Justin Wells is a preacher en-route to Rocky Creek.  He’s looking to start-over after an embarrassing debacle in his hometown of Boston.  When he stumbles upon Sarah and a dying U.S. Marshall, his journey to Texas takes a very unexpected turn.  

Sarah is feisty, and knows how to take care of herself, but she secretly yearns for the love of someone like Justin.  He in turn, never would have expected this beautiful (and wanted!) young woman to steal his heart.

I love, LOVE this story.  What a great example of pure, childlike faith!  Sarah is essentially converted in this story, and I love how she trusts in God, literally, to the bitter end!  Beautiful!  I went away feeling like I need to show God that I can trust Him with that same faith.

The romance is wonderful and the story will melt your heart.  I can’t wait for you to read this!  It’s hard for me to say which of these books in this series is my favorite—they are all so different and inspiring.  Justin’s love for Sarah is magnificent!  That’s what love is all about, people!  So, just go read all the books and don’t do as I did...  Read them in order!

Be prepared for some sleepless nights, y'all!

Happy Reading!
Buy it!

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