Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maid to Match

Masculinity, thy name is Danvers. 

Book rating:  Up All Night’er

You can’t really ever go wrong with a Gist book.  She is a masterful author.  Her stories are beautifully written and just downright fabulous.  This book is no exception.

Tillie Reece is a beautiful young girl who works at the Vanderbilt's mansion and dreams of being Lady Vanderbilt's personal maid.  (First of all, I want to warn you that Tillie is gorgeous.  So freaking gorgeous in fact that I felt like I wanted to go take some arsenic—just be prepared.)  Her brother also works at the mansion and she feels like this is what she has been born to do—until she meets…dun, dun, duuuun…Mack Danvers.  (Can you hear it?  The sound of a thousand screaming girls running in a frenzy at the mention of his name?)   Mack is another AMAZING leading man who defies all logic and reason.  (I’m not really sure what that’s really supposed to mean….)  Anyway, do you have a feeling these two good-looking people will end up together?  You would be right...

Through some fortuitous turn of events, Mack is asked to work as a footman at the mansion.  Tillie, is asked to tutor and train him.  How lucky for them both, hmmmmm?

Their relationship blossoms, but Tillie isn’t sure if she can give up her life at the mansion.  And when they discover a terrible cover-up at the orphanage, things begin to change rapidly.   Oh, oh, oh you cannot NOT like this book.

I think I will read this one again this summer.  I could use a fun read.  The only question is-- can I read about Tillie's beauty without thoughts of suicide?  I will just have to make sure I have my hair done, and plenty of make-up on.

Happy Reading!


  1. According to Deeanne Gist, Tillie is supposed to look like a young Elizabeth Taylor. Still feel thoughts of suicide? :)

    One reason I really like this book is because it's set at Biltmore. Beautiful place. I've been there three times and even pulled out my Biltmore house book and looked up Biltmore house plans online while reading the novel!

    By the way, have you ever seen this website? It has loads of historical Christian fiction books with a synopsis for each one. They also have a place where you can select by subject and topic if that's the kind of book you are in the mood to read.

    1. WOW! That's site is amazing! I'm so glad you shared it with me, thank you!! I hope my site can me cool like that one day!

      And yes, knowing she is a young Elizabeth Taylor just adds to my feelings of worthlessness. JK ;)

  2. Ha, I'm trying to hunt down all the old URLs for the Index and look at you talking about me in the past! :) I thought this link might have been mine and I could edit my comment. Kinda funny. The index is more searchable now! And Julia from A Bride for Keeps was supposed to look like Elizabeth Taylor too.