Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love on the Line

What?  What’s that you say?  Did you say that you needed a book that’s great for a summer vacation on the beach?  Well, look no further, my friends.  Let me introduce you to the one, the only: Love on the Line!

Book Rating:  Up All Night’er

This book is wonderful.  Great, totally fun story, and awesome characters.  It's impossible not to like it!  The only thing about it that makes it so I can’t rate it as Best of the Best, is the fact that there was really no message of Christ in it at all.  After being so inspired by some of Gist’s other books I have to say I was disappointed she didn’t include anything like this in this story.

Georgie Gail (gotta love that name—so cute!) is an independent switchboard operator.  She loves what she does and she’s very good at it.  So along comes the dashing Luke Palmer, undercover Texas Ranger.  (What’s not hot about that?!) who has been stationed in the area to try and locate a “famous” outlaw and his gang.  He is intrigued by this feisty beauty, but he doesn’t want anything—say like a pretty lady—to get in the way of doing his job.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens.

OK, so this story is totally TOTALLY fun and I loved the twists.  I can never see twists like this coming, although maybe I’m just “slow”, but that’s what makes these stories so fun for me!  Teehee  The romance is great--how could it not be?  I mean, this is a Gist book we're talking about!

I really, really wish I could rate it at my highest rating, but I just can’t.  Although, you can count on me to be reading this one again, hands down.  Most likely, this summer—sitting on the beach somewhere, watching my kids play in the sand, lazily sipping a delicious virgin pina colada.

Happy Reading!


  1. I just picked this one up - I own all of DeeAnne Gist's books because I love her writing style and I've never been dissapointed with her stories.

    I glanced at a couple of your other reviews and I love how you capture each book in a handful of sentences. Great blog! I'll be back often. :)

    1. Hi!! I am so excited that you like my blog! It's fun to find people that like the same kinds of books/authors! I hope to have two (maybe three) new reviews up this week, just FYI!
      Have a good night!!