Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beyond This Moment

I love books where the leading man is in law enforcement: Texas Ranger, Sheriff, all of the above!  So hot!  And boy, does this book deliver in the romance department, let me tell ya.  This is the second book in Alexander’s Timber Ridge series, by the way…it comes right before Within My heart…just FYI.

Book rating:  Up All Night’er

First off let me say, that as much as I loved this book it was almost too difficult for me to get through!  Molly Whitcomb has a secret.  A secret that, given her circumstances, really shouldn’t be a secret at all!  And she kept it a secret for FAR too long in my opinion, and I could hardly stand it!  But, this book has so many other wonderful elements that it’s definitely a must-read, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you.

James McPherson is the Sheriff and he can tell Molly is hiding something.  Even though it may hurt his reputation, he is willing to take the risk and open his life and his heart to this lovely professor from Georgia.

There are some great “to the rescue” situations in this book.  I just love those, don’t you?!  James is a truly wonderful character—in fact I think he is my very favorite character in the whole Timber Ridge series.  He is strong, lovable, kind and forgiving.  Molly is one lucky girl!

Alexander always includes a wonderful spiritual message in her books, so you will never be disappointed there.  If you can read the books in order I recommend it, but its not necessary by any means.  

Happy Reading!

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