Friday, April 27, 2012

Heart of Gold

Oh, wow.  Over Christmas I was introduced to Robin Lee Hatcher’s books and I was so hooked!  Her style is fabulous.  Her stories are so real—they feel like they could really happen to people and that’s why I find that I just can’t put them down.

Book rating:  Best of the Best

I read this book in two days.  It would have been more like one day, but I had to do laundry.  I was captivated by all the characters--I had to see what was going to happen next!  It’s a beautifully simple story about a girl from the south who’s father is a preacher and moved the two of them to Idaho for him to work there.  Shannon (the girl) is not at all excited to be there and believes that all “Northerners” are essentially enemies.  The main-man, Matthew, has a predicament of his own with his sister and nephew, and he needs Shannon’s help.  (Sorry folks, that’s all the details I’m gonna give ya!)  Can she get over her prejudices and learn to love everyone as God has asked?

Their relationship is so sweet and develops with a good amount of romantic tension.  Gotta love the tension!  And I LOVE how much mention is made of Christ and the scriptures.  I felt my love of God growing as I read and I came away feeling like I really wanted to do better-- putting more of my trust in Him.  This is another one of those books where a supporting character really impacted me.  Namely, Alice.  Her trust in God in the face of death is amazing to me.  Oh!  I'm giving too much away!  Wait, I guess that much is on the back of the book.  OK, I don't feel so bad.

The characters grow and change and, simply put, it’s beautiful.  Again, I cried.  Am I the only one who cries in books like this?  Am I weird?  (Don’t answer that.)

Happy reading!

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