Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bride Most Begrudging

Let’s face the facts, shall we?  I’m not a writer. *Gasp*  I’m an even worse speller. *Double gasp*   Hopefully that part will remain hidden from your notice thanks to spell-check.  (Spell-check, I bless your name.)  So why then, you ask, do I want to have a blog?  I will remind you, dear reader, that I am doing this merely for my own enjoyment and having you along with me is an added benefit.  So please be kind in your reviews of my reviews.

Book Rating:  Best of the Best

What can be said about such a book?   If you read only a few HCRs in your lifetime this really has to be one of them. A Bride Most Begrudging is truly fabulous!  Let me just say—hello, romance!!! It won a Christy Award so you know it’s gotta be good.  Here you will find the perfect blend of everything—character, storyline, Christian message—it’s got it all!  For some reason I was reluctant to read it.  That happens to me sometimes when a book is so highly rated or so popular with a particular group that I get nervous that maybe for some reason I won’t like it as much.  This did not happen at all!  It was love at first read. 

The time-period in which the story takes place is original, and truly magnificent—you’ve heard of the pilgrims? It’s pretty much that. Early (very, very early) America. Love it! I am, as you know, extremely partial to the Wild West, but this book made me forget my need for Stetsons and calico.  Gist is gifted at bringing the story together quickly, instead of taking forever to get things going, so within a matter of a few chapters you simply don’t want to put it down!

Constance is a beautiful, red-haired, freckled-covered girl taken against her will to the Americas.  (Want to know why?  Read the book.  Teehee) She is sold as a wife to a man named Drew O’Connor.  Swoon!!!  Give me a second to compose myself….  OK.  I’m OK.  Now, neither of them are keen on the idea of having to be married, but it must be done.  The course of the book takes you through the journey of their relationship as a couple, but also through their individual relationships with God as they deal with the trials of life.  There is A LOT of excitement, and if you don’t shed some tears, I have some serious concerns about you as a human being.

All the characters are enjoyable and learning a bit about that time in America's history was also very enlightening.  This book really delivers on all levels!!

Happy reading!

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  1. Amber, I am just now reading this (on your recommendtion). At first I thought the circumstances were just too odd....but oh my goodness, you get sucked in so quickly, it really is hard to not start the next chapter, and then the next. I am just about half way thru but I can't wait to find out what happens! And I love the way they speak, and I also find myself laughing out loud. So....I am agreeing with your review for sure. (Georgianne Barnett)