Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer of Promise

I just got a hold of the new book by Amanda Cabot, SUMMER OF PROMISE  There are some excellent components in this story.  Then, there were other things that made me feel a bit like I missed out on something.

Book Rating:  Up All Night’er

I loved the message of God’s love in this book!  I thought it was magnificent how the leading man gained a testimony of God and His love for him personally.  I was very grateful for that—it made me pause and think of the messages of love that God sends to me.

Right now, let me take a moment to say “YEE-HAW!!  FINALLY!!”  (I’m dancing a jig right now!) There is a character in this book with BROWN hair and BROWN eyes!  Man, I was beginning to give up hope.  If I had to read another story about blonde hair and blue eyes, I would have seriously thought there was some kind of conspiracy going on.  (Not really…just a little.)  And this lovely BROWN haired and BROWN eyed character will be the leading lady in next installment of the Westward Winds Series.  Yippee!

Alright, now back to this book.  Abigail Harding has a feeling that her sister, Charlotte needs her.  So, she heads out to Wyoming, thinking she will be there for only a few weeks.  But, her life changes in a way she could never have imagined, and she realizes it was all in God’s plan from the beginning.

Now, who doesn’t like a man in uniform?!  Super hot, right?!  Lieutenant Ethan Bowles is dashing, and quite the charmer.  He finds himself very intrigued with Abigail, but he isn’t the marrying kind.  He believes there isn’t any such thing as true love.  His assumptions about love and matrimony are soon put to the test as he realizes that Abigail is unlike any other girl he has ever known.

If you are looking for some really great, swoon-worthy romance, I hate to disappoint you.  This isn’t really it.  Was there even a kiss in this book?  Did I miss the kiss?  I felt kinda gypped in the romance department. I don’t think there was even a good embrace of any kind in this story.  Well, he did kinda rescue her once…and that might count.  But, overall it was cute, just a bit tepid for me. If you are looking for a romance your teenage daughter can read, than this is a great choice.

 I will definitely be reading more from Cabot in the future.

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