Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chasing the Sun

I read my first Tracie Peterson book over the weekend: CHASING THE SUN.  It’s the first book in what I believe is a three book series…the last book isn’t out yet.

Book Rating:  Up All Night'er

A fun book with a good beginning to a series! I love series books because you get to know the characters and see them for longer than just 300 pages. *giggle*

Hannah Dandridge is under a great deal of stress caring for her younger siblings, while trying to run a Texas Ranch, all with just having learned that her father has been taken prisoner.  (This takes place during the Civil War…)  A wounded soldier returns to claim his ranch—and finds that it’s been given to Hannah and her family—will he be able to turn them out of his home once his land is returned to him, or is his growing love for this Southern Belle making it too hard to let her go?

This story was fun, but I just wish there could have been more romance. Then again, as you know I'm a romance junkie. LOL Not to say there isn't romance in the story--there is, but I could always go with another kiss or two thrown in there. *wink*

The Christian element was VERY good, which is this book's shining star.  So, if you wanna give it a shot, I say—go for it!  And then tell me what you thought!

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