Saturday, February 16, 2013

Three for the price of one: Calico Bride, The Reluctant Outlaw and The Unexpected Bride

I have been wanting to write reviews for these books for a long time! There's nothing like a good LIH when you're hankerin' for a fun, easy-to-read romance that you know will have a good message. They are light and fun. Though, if you are wanting something with a bit more passion, you might want to search for a stand-alone novel like A PASSION MOST PURE, etc.

So here, are three quick reviews of three very fun LIH's.


Book Rating: Up All Night'er

This was the first Jillian Hart book I ever read, and I found it very enjoyable. Very enjoyable indeed. It bordered on a tad cheesy at times for my taste, but hey--like I always say, one man's cheese is another man's cheesecake. *big grin*

Lila Lawson dreams of excitement  like the kind she reads about in her favorite novels. But when Burke Hannigan--the new deputy in town--arrives, she gets more than she bargained for!!


Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Juliana O'Malley and Evan Harris are thrown together by fate. Juliana thinks that Evan is a terrible outlaw, but his gentlemanly ways contradict everything.

This was a very fun book. For me, it was very fast and kept me wanting to turn the page. I think I might actually want to read this again someday.


Book Rating: Up All Night'er

One of the things I liked most about this book was the dress the woman is wearing on the cover! So beautiful!

Haydon Bowen never wanted to marry again after the tragedy of his first marriage, but his brother had different ideas for him...

Rainelle Devonwood is glad to be a mailorder bride to excape her evil brother. But when she learns her "husband" didn't actually know she was coming, she does her best not to let Haydon drive her away.

I enjoyed the romantic tension in this story and the message of Christ was very good.

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