Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surrender the Dawn

Question: How do you spell "rugged and totally dreamy in every way" using only ten letters?

Answer: Luke Heaton

Book Rating: Best of the Best
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It's official. This is one of my favorite series. Loved every single one of these books and I would go back for more if I could.

In this spantabulous tale, Cassandra Channing is desperate to get the money she needs to save her families estate. When all other possibilities fail, she is forced to go to the town rogue for help.

Luke Heaton (yeah, I just heard you sigh. You know he's awesome.) can't believe the beautiful and fiery Cassandra has asked for his help, and he fears he'll only let her down like he has everyone else in his life.

As Cassandra begins to see past Luke's habits of drinking and gambling, she also isn't ready to open her heart to him for fear he will break it like he has done with all the other girls in town. Luke on the other hand, finds himself wanting to leave his unhealthy habits behind and be worthy of Cassandra's love.

There is a mountain of drama--always good. And the romance is top notch, as is the Christian elements in the story. Also, I think the thing that I loved most about this book is that it happens at the same time as SURRENDER THE NIGHT and so there are a few scenes in this book that are also in the other one and we can see what is happening from the other characters point of view. It was fabulous! In fact, I had figured that might happen, and wondered how Tyndall was going to pull that off. She did an amazing job.

If you like American history, you will want to read this for sure.

Now, I did find two things to be a bit of a disappointment. First, again the cover is nice, but Cassandra is described as having auburn/red hair and the lady on the cover has black hair. Bummer. Also, it ended way to fast! That can also be said for the other books in the series. I REALLY wanted to see an epilogue or something--anything to let me see the characters happy together in their home, or after marriage, etc.

But those are minor infractions when you consider the majesty of the stories in this series. Please go read them--you will love them!!!

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  1. I've loved every one of MaryLu's books. I can't wait to get a hold of her newest release Forsaken Dreams! Great post. Sharing. :)

    1. Hey! How are you?! I love when you stop by, Debbie! Yes, I can't wait either! YAY!!!

  2. I was a little confussed with the girl on the cover too....just because of her hair color. Everytime he mentioned red hair I would flip to the cover and say NO she has black hair! LOL