Saturday, February 9, 2013

Surrender the Night


With book in-hand, I am raking my fists at the skies! Why did this glorious tale have to end?! WHY!?

Loved this book. Loved it.

Book Rating: Best of the Best

If the last book in this series proves as utterly, throat-clenchingly awesome as the first two, this will be my new favorite series. Hands down.

A Rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but the Rose in this story is a character unlike any other! She is sweet, but not too sweet. Courageous and speaks her mind, but isn't too brash. She is beautiful  but isn't afraid to get dirty. Holy cow. I loved her. When they build a theme part for HCR fanatics like me, I will be the first in like to get her autograph. (Can you tell we've got Disneyland and Disney Princesses on the brain at our house? *wink*) But I digress...

This story starts off with a bang! I knew I liked Alexander Reed from SURRENDER THE HEART, but it wasn't until I started this one that I realized he was the hero in this story! Can I just say--Alexander Reed, where have you been all my life! Oh my merciful heavens, this guy is fabulous. Definitely up there in my top ten hunks. Probably in my top three.

When Alex stumbles upon his superior officer Garrick preparing to assault an innocent American woman (Rose) he is forced to do something drastic to save her life. (Can't tell'll have to read it.)
In turn, Rose must risk her own life to save him, and it only gets a thousand percent more wonderful as the story goes on.

I must admit, it is rare that I read a story where I literally do not want to miss a single word. This was one of those stories. I savored it all. Fabulous Christian message, excellent drama and swoon-worthy romance.

The only draw-back, if you can call it a draw-back, is the cover. I think the lady--although beautiful--didn't look much how I envisioned the character, and she looked very 20th century. But oh well--its the readers imagination that counts, right?!

Tyndall's stories, characters and style really speak to me. Plus, she is writing in just about my favorite time period. (I'm all about Colonial.) I know I'm really gushing about this, and for some reason you may not find them as amazing as I do, but I would be VERY surprised if you did not at least enjoy it just a teensy-weensy bit.

So, go make yourself a happy lady, and get a copy of this story, then read it in the next twenty-four hours, because believe me, you won't want to miss it!

Happy Reading!
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  1. This was an AWESOME book and I loved it, too!

    1. Hi Carrie!! How are you?! Its wonderful to see you on here, and yes, isn't this book wonderful! I can't wait to dive into the next one. :) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! God bless!!

  2. Amber, thank you!! I'm totally blushing. :-) This was my very first book written entirely on land (not me while I was writing it. LOL But the storyline) I truly wasn't sure I could pull it off.. I mean, what do people do for fun on land? On sea, I can have a thousand things happen.. storm, pirates, enemy attack.. mermaid! Anyway, I'm thrilled you enjoyed Rose and Alex's story. I hope you enjoy Cassandra and Luke's next! Bless you! MaryLu

    1. MaryLu! Oh you pulled it off, all right! teehee Thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment! :) I can't wait to start Cassandra and Luke's book! YAY!!!

    2. Maybe your next 'just for kicks' should be what celebrate you envision the heroins to be.....I hope I make sense lol its late :)