Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Reviews Are Better Than One

Good evening, ladies!

I've been doing a bunch of reading lately--is that any surprise?! *wink* And I would like to devote this post to two books I've finished in the past week.

The Wedding Journey

Book Rating: Here a little, there a little

I thought this little LIH was very cute. If you are needing a quick read, lots of adorable romance and a fun setting, this has it. However, for me the heroine was a bit too blunt and at times naive for my taste. (But the hero sure seemed to like it! *teehee*) Cheryl St. John is a talented writer, conveys the emotions and situations very skillfully, but her style really wasn't my cup of tea.
All of that being said, its a sweet story and I would recommend reading it.
(Buy it!)

The next story, however . . .

Sisters of Mercy Flats

Book Rating: Meh. . .

It has been a V-HERY long time since I've rated a book in my lowest category. And, as you know I really don't like to do it. This little story had a lot going for it, but in the end, well, I found everything completely lacking.
The heroine Abigail, in my opinion, had nothing going for her and I hate to lay blame at her door, but I must--she did this story in, in my opinion. I suppose the author was trying to create a relationship between the hero and heroine that was full of jocular sparring, but I didn't see it. As for the hero, he had too many issues (that were mentioned too late in the book) for me to relate to him.
It was a quick read, very short and very fast. There was some good adventure, but it was tainted by Abigail's tedious personality.
Again this is all my own opinion.

Feeling adventurous? (Pun intended *teehee*)
Buy it!


  1. Speaking of LIH. Have you read any by Karen Kirst? I just read her first one called "The Reluctant Outlaw". It was pretty good for being a shorter novel. It's a series with cousins and siblings. Julianna gets kidnapped and pretty much spends the whole book traveling with the outlaw.



    1. Hi Sylvia! Yeah, I have read that one and I even did a review on it, I believe. It was a cute one, but I'm typically not a humungous fan of LIH because they do move so quickly. Though sometimes I am in the mood for those kind of books. Great to have so many options isn't it?

  2. Oh, I just went and read your review for this novel. Love your rating system. It's much more interesting and explanatory than the star ratings.