Monday, June 10, 2013

The Quarryman's Bride

Below are the top three reasons you might NOT want to read this book. (Hee, hee, hee. Stay with me here... *toothy grin*)

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Here are they are in no particular order....

Reason 1: Don't read this book if you value sleep.
I had the HARDEST time putting this book down, and I'm suffering for it. But its worth it, even if I do walk around acting (and looking) like a zombie. My husband loves me anyway.

Reason 2: You will be VERY tempted to rename your children Tavin and Emmalyne.
These main characters are AWESOME! This is the first HCR that I've read (that I can remember...) where the main characters have a history. They were in love before--engaged actually--and now, eleven years later, they are throw back into each others lives. The romantic tension is fabulous. Tavin, well, he's completely wonderful--tough and tender all at the same time. And Emmalyne is just as sweet. (As a side note, I already have a daughter named Emmalyne--no joke! Though we spell it a bit different. So, if I son someday, I already have a name picked out.)

Reason 2: The next book you read might not be quite as good. 
You might be worried whatever you read next won't be as good. Has that ever happened to you before? Well, if it hasn't already, it might happen now. *wink* But, thankfully we HRC lovers know that really great stories like this aren't hard to find.

Seriously, folks. This book had excellent characters, fun drama and marvelous spiritual messages throughout the story. If nothing else, you should read the book because the cover is magnificent.

Thank you very much to Bethany House for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Happy Reading, ya'll!
Buy it!


  1. Your reviews are so creative! So happy I stumbled across your blog the other day :)

    1. Hi Beth! I'm so happy you like the reviews, thank you so much. :) I'm happy you found my blog too! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I have been reading Christian fiction for years now and have never read a Tracie Peterson book. I'll have to remedy that! She's been writing forever and I should at least read one of her books. :)

    1. Hey Sylvia!
      I do think you will like this book. She really is great and SO prolific--she's written 100 books. Wow! I'm reading a bunch of hers right now because she's my author of the month fo July and I want to have more of her books reviewed by that time. :)
      What have you been reading lately?
      God bless!!

    2. I've been re-reading and listening (audio CD) to some Agatha Christie books lately. I have two of Liz Curtis Higgs' books checked out right now, but haven't quite been in the mood to read them. I guess I'm on a cozy mystery kick at the moment.