Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Icecutter's Daughter

This book makes living in a freezing place sound fun! Especially when you can snuggle-up next to a hunky hero like Rurik. Merrill's got it made.

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Another great novel from Tracie Peterson. I'm really beginning to get hooked--and I LOVE that she has so many historicals!!! I'm set for life! *teehee* Well, not really for life, but you know what I mean.

My historical romance must-have check list:

Great characters? Check! I really enjoyed the people in this story. The relationships were developed well, and I got pretty attached.

Good plot? Check! There is some good romantic tension here, but not quite as much as in The Quarryman's Bride, at least in my opinion. Which is one of the reasons why I couldn't give this book my highest rating.

Damsel in distress? Nope. Unfortunately, there isn't much of this and I was kinda bummed. I could imagine all kinds of awesome "rescue" opportunities, but they didn't happen. Bummer.

Happy Ending? Check! You can always count on a happy ending. Gotta have it!

(I have more things on my list, but I won't go into them until another review...)

Merrill and Rurik have eyes for each other from day one, but there are some major problems keeping them apart. One being Rurik's leech-like ex-fiance who is spreading some terrible rumors....yikes!

As always the Christian element shines through. I'm finding that books from Bethany House are excellent for bringing very strong spiritual themes--as do Revell books--and I really love that! That's one of the main reasons I read these books. I like to be spiritually fed in all I do, if I can help it.

This story is very sweet and reminded me quite a bit of a Robin Lee Hatcher. Very simple and straightforward. Excellent read, though I would have enjoyed more drama. But you know how I am about that kind of thing. *wink*

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  1. I haven't read a Tracie Peterson book in a long time - sounds like I'd better. :)