Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lady of High Regard

Get your pom-poms out cuz this book is

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Raise your hand if you have read (or at least seen the BBC version of) Emma. OK, good. Now, raise your hand if you've read (or seen the BBC version of) North and South. Yeah! I'm so proud of you! To me this was kind of like a combination of those two stories...in some ways. So, you're gonna like it at least a little--if not a lot. *wink*

Mia Stanley was born into money, but she never forgets those who have less. She has become deeply concerned/involved in the plight of women much less fortunate than she--and she uncovers something that will put her in grave danger. (LOVE IT!)

Garrett Wilson is another great hero. *sigh* I tend to prefer the more rugged type, but there's nothing wrong with a well dressed-man, now is there? Garrett sees Mia is a "little sister" type. Initially he is only concerned with keeping her out of trouble, but when he realizes she's put herself in real danger and that his feelings are more than "brotherly"...well, that is where things take a fun turn.

As you know, Peterson never fails you on Christian elements and that is one of the main reasons I keep reading her stuff. I am so uplifted by her books! In a world where things are becoming increasingly more difficult, we have to turn to Christ in everything. Thanks, Tracie for always following God's path in your writing!

So, find this book and enjoy. I know you will.

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  1. Amber: It is so funny that you are reviewing Tracie Peterson. I have just discovered her myself. I am reading her Ribbons of Steel series and am on book 3. I love Carolina and her leading man. I get a kick out of the names of all of Carolina's siblings - all named after states. The book makes me grateful I am a woman in the 21st century and not in the 1830's where it was believed a college education would make a woman go insane!