Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Recap: November

You are probably thinking, "Monthly recap? What recap, Amber, I haven't seen anything from you for an entire month!" Ehhhhhhh, it's true, I know. This is the first month in over a year where I had almost no time for reading--and I mean NO time. Without going into detail about how everyone was sick, sick and more sick . . . I will gladly discuss the two ADORABLE novellas that carried me through this month of bad colds and flus.

(PS, don't forget I'm doing this post in conjunction with the delightful Naomi Rawlings over at Inspirational Romance Ratings. She's got REALLY fabulous stuff there, and her site is another great resource for those looking for clean romance. You can check out her monthly recap here.)

First, one day after cleaning up, well, I won't tell you what I was cleaning-up . . . I was ready for some ME time. My FABULOUS historical author friend, Carrie Francett Pagles has written a simply delightful novella that is sure to make you say "awww" numerous times. I know I did! Reading this story, set at Shirley Plantation in VA, is like stepping back in time! And if you enjoy history like I do, that's HUGE! The hero, Matthew Scott (let's take a moment to savor the utter masculinity of that awesome name . . .) is wonderful and the heroine, Angelina, is so endearing. Both of them have secrets, both have strong feelings for one another. But in a time of war when their worlds are unraveling, can they really come together and find true love?!
I've got you at the edge of your seat, right??!! Well, Carrie will do that to you, too--you won't want to miss her WONDERFUL novella, Return to Shirley Plantation.

Book Rating: Up All Night'er

Then, late one evening when the house was finally quiet, I was desperate for a good romance, but knew I didn't have time to get into a BIG story. Enter, Melissa Jagears. It was as if I could hear her whispering, "Hey, Amber, you haven't read my novella yet, right? Now's the time!" And boy, Melissa, were you right! It was just the escape I needed! Loaded with enough tension to keep even this drama queen happy, Love By The Letter is no doubt a MUST read.
Dex is a hero you love right away. Rugged on the outside and all-the-right-kinds-of mushy on the inside, I dare you not to fall in love with him. I knew I adored him in A Bride For Keeps and it was wonderful to see him and the marvelous Rachel fall in love in their own story.
If you need something short and sweet and completely delightful, PLEASE read this. The only problem with it is, I seriously could have enjoyed 300 more pages!!

Book Rating: Best of the Best

So ladies, I know this month's recap is not loaded with books, but these two novellas are beyond wonderful, written by two extremely talented authors. I know you will enjoy these!! If you've already read them, you HAVE to tell me what you thought about them.

God bless you and have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Happy Reading!


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    1. Just realized I didn't post the "ratings" HAHA. Yours is definitely a Best of the Best, Melissa. :)

  2. I really enjoyed Love By the Letters, but couldn't really get into Return to Shirley Plantation for some reason. I think I did end up finishing it, but almost didn't.