Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forsaken Dreams

Come one, come all, on a voyage to Brazil!!

Book Rating: Up all Night'er

I loved this story! This book's got all the drama I want/need/crave and more! And I have to wait until WHEN for the next one?!

Now, I don't know the first thing about ships. Can't tell you the difference between port and starboard. I have no idea what larboard is. So, if you're like me (and please tell me you are because I can't be the only one in the world that doesn't know it...right?!?!?) you'll read this book and those words will slip right by and you'll think, "I really oughtta look that up." BUT, you likely won't (I never did) AND it won't hurt your enjoyment of this story one bit!!! Although it will pique your interest in all things maritime. *big grin*

Eliza Crawford wants to leave her tainted past behind...along with the majority of people sailing to Brazil on the New Hope. She is ashamed about her life's choices and fears her actions will be discovered...and once they are only the worst can happen!

Blake Wallace is bewitched by the beautiful widow the minute she comes aboard, but once he finds out what she's done he can never forgive her and it breaks Eliza's already wounded heart. That is until she learns to trust in God and he learns to forgive.

The romance between Eliza and Blake is fabulous--tension, tension, tension! Also, you will be able to tell from the many characters in this story that two more books are on their way! BIG CHEER! I have a feeling there will be a book about James and Angeline and I cannot wait for that--they were my favorites. *wink*

The spiritual nature of all Tyndall's books are uplifting, thought provoking and touching. The messages in this novel brought tears to my eyes. SO good!

This book is available NOW!!! Don't wait...I beg of you. Get a copy!!!

(PS larboard means: left-hand side of the ship. Just in case you were curious.)

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  1. Wow.. THANK YOU, Amber!!! Your review brought me to tears, so I guess that makes us even! LOL. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! This is a new way of writing for me.. lots of characters together in one place, each with a fascinating story of their own.. that somehow affects all the others. :-) Book 2 Elusive Hope will be out in November, and book 3, Abandoned Memories summer of 2014. I'm writing that one now.. and it is, indeed, about James and Angeline! Hugs.. MaryLu

    1. Hey MaryLu!
      Summer of 2014?! I'm not sure I can wait that long. LOL *wink* Love the titles of these books!!! Oh, I can't wait to get sticky from the jungle heat as I read the next book!

  2. Great review of a wonderful novel! I only started reading it, but I know it will be awesome just like the rest of MaryLu's books :) Sharing this post!

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing this post! Come on back and let us know what you thought of it when you're finished! God bless!!