Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just for giggles. . . part deux

So, I must credit my wonderful HCR friend Candy for bringing this to my much-needed attention. It is WA-HAY past time for a Just for Giggles post!!!! 

Batten down the hatches everyone, because here are your heroes:

1. Chris Hemsworth (next to my husband, the most dreamy guy on the entire planet!...well he and Hugh Jackman, which makes it a three-way tie...) is my pick for the leading man in UNENDING DEVOTION, Connell.

2. Chris Evans (of CAPTAIN AMERICA fame) is my pick for the fabulous hero in A HOPE UNDAUNTED, Luke. Mega yummy. *sigh*

3. Chris Pine (I think if I ever have a son I will name him Chris, because apparently that name automatically makes you drop-dead gorgeous) for the leading man in A PASSION MOST PURE, Collin.

4. I am reusing a man who I used last time, but why not, because he's a heart throb. Toby Stephens for Sean, in A HEART REVEALED.

5. For another hero from one of Lessman's fabulous stories is Kevin McKidd as Mitch, from A PASSION REDEEMED.

There you have it! Another round of awesome "dudes". Who would you pick for your favorite leading men? Let me know or better yet post pics on the FB page. LOL

Hope you all enjoy this and have pleasant dreams...I know I will. *wink*

Happy Reading!!


  1. Oh. My. Word!!! I just LOVE these!!! I can totally see all of these except for Mitch. I always pictured him more broad shouldered, darker.....I dunno but I love to imagine Chris Evans too, lol

    1. Thanks for the comment Candy! You are SO right!! I have made the needed changes...I hope you like it! ;)

  2. WHOO-HOO, girl, LOVE your selections ... except for Mitch, that is. I agree with Candy that he is more broad-shouldered and BIG (6'4"), so I sent you the head shot of the model they used on the cover, which is MUCH better looking than his picture on the actual cover turned out. Oh, and he's blond with curls. :)

    WOW ... HUBBA, HUBBA on the Chris's!!!! ;)