Saturday, January 5, 2013

How's your self-esteem holdin' up these days?

All you have to do is walk down a grocery check-out line, and look at all this flashy magazines to feel our inner barometer drop to record lows.

Of course we know outer beauty isn't what matters, God has told us He "looketh on the heart". But with the way media pounds PERFECTION into our psyche, its hard to escape it.

Well, one of the reasons I have enjoyed HCR's so much is because I feel that I can enjoy an outlet (NOT television and movies) and not have this particular "beauty" image speaking to me with degrading subliminal messages.

However, those message are so ingrained in me that I have, on occasion  found myself even feeling bad about myself when I'm reading these stories! Some of these heroines are SO beautiful, with such PERFECT figures and smooth complexions that I find myself sinking farther and farther into the cushions of my couch....

It makes sense that we want to read about a lovely leading lady, and a handsome man. That goes without saying! No one wants to read about a boney, chest-less woman with stubby eye lashes who's covered in moles! (Oh dear, I just described myself. Ouch. *wink*)

And yet, I keep reading. Because even though I'm tempted to wish I had things I lack, in the end, these stories aren't about beauty. That's not the single, solitary thing that attracts the hero to the lady. She is a woman of God who is--in one way or another--working to strengthen her faith, and become a more loyal follower of Christ. That's what the hero is really attracted to!

So, even if I have to read particular novels while working out or wearing tons of make-up to make myself feel better, I know what really matters. Tillie Reece and Charlity O'Conner aren't real. But I am. And God knows and loves me despite my flaws--He loves me, because He made me.

And God never makes mistakes.

Happy Reading!


  1. Such a wonderful post - thanks!

    1. Hi Samantha Jo! Thank you for letting me know you liked this post, I'm so glad you did! God Bless!

  2. I would love to read a book where the heroine is as you described (a boney, chest-less woman with stubby eye lashes who's covered in moles). That's normal! It would be refreshing to read about them.

    Change of subject, but have you read Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond? That is a fantastic, passionate mail-order bride story. The hero is verrry different than most. He talks all the time, sings and is quite out-going. Her second book was wayyyy different. Almost no romance and lots about the plight of the indians and the way the government was treating them. I would check that one out of the library first; then purchase it if you love it.

    1. Sylvia, you are wonderful! I always love what you have to say and, I must agree with you--reading about a "normal" person would be very refreshing. :) And no I haven't SPRING FOR SAVANNAH, but I will look it up. I love mail order bride stories!!
      It's great to see you on here, Sylvia! God Bless!!

  3. Oh, Amber I completely understand! I have felt that way so many times. Have you read Liz Curtis Higg's "Thorn in My Heart?" She has a heroine who is not a conventional beauty and she is so easy to love. :)

    1. Joanne! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way. :) I haven't read that book, but I will put it on my list! Thank you for the suggestion. Can't wait to read and review your next book!!