Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rugged and Relentless

It’s hard for me to write reviews about books I don’t care for.  I want to be honest and give my true opinion, but I fear appearing harsh or unkind.  That being said, this latest book was really tough for me to get through.  So, here’s my honest review…*long sigh*

Book Rating: Meh…

I reserve my lowest rating for books that I will never read again.  DISCLAIMER:  There is nothing morally wrong in this book—in fact it has a great Christian element to it.  It was simply the story and writing style that was so unappealing to me.

This was my first book by Kelly Eileen Hake, and I’m not sure I will be able to read any more of hers if they are all like this.  There was something about her style that I simply could not get used to!  First off, there were gobs of characters, which made it difficult for me to follow—and also made it difficult for me to get attached to the hero and heroine who were supposed to be the “main” characters!  I felt like I had to spend too much time reading about other people.  Now, keep in mind this is the first book in a series, so I can understand that the author wanted you to become familiar with the other characters of the other books, but still—it was too much for me.

My next little-bitty beef was, the fact that I felt that there was so little romance.  Romance!!  Where was it?!  It was sprinkled in here and there, and then it picked up a bit at the end, but I still felt like, “That was it?!”

A story should grab you in at least the first few pages.  The characters should be so real you feel like you know them through and through.  I got none of that with RUGGED AND RELENTLESS.

Again, this is just my take on things…I always suggest you read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.  But as for me, I won’t be reading this again.

Also, sorry, I won’t be giving a synopsis of the book here.  But I will give you what's on the back of the book:  “WANTED: 3 God-fearing men…object: marriage and joint ownership of sawmill.”  Sounds interesting doesn't it?  I know!  That's why I read it!

If you read it, please let me know what you think and tell me if I’m just way off-base here.

Happy Reading!
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