Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Love Forbidden

This lovely historical romance features a devoted leading lady and a leading man who doesn’t know where he belongs in the world. It works, despite the minor set-backs.

Book Rating: Up All Night’er

I love series stories! I easily get attached to characters and I always like reading more about then in subsequent books. The leading lady in this book is introduced briefly in the previous story A HEART DIVIDED.

Shiloh is a sweet, devoted girl who fell in love a boy who worked at her father’s ranch many years ago. He made such an impression on her that she never forgot him. Many years later when their paths cross again she is thrilled at the chance to have a friendship with him. He however, is not.

Jesse doesn’t like the memories of his life with the white people, and is afraid of all the buried emotions that Shiloh will likely surface in him. But he can't deny he's attracted to her.

I struggled with liking Jesse. He was only partly nice to Shiloh I thought—so bogged down with his past that he couldn’t even really let himself acknowledge that he loved her. He would say and do things that were meant to push her away, and sometimes I kept thinking, “Girl, get over him! He is SO not worth it!”

In the end, I tolerated him well enough. But I thought he could have been made into a much more likable leading man.

There were a few good rescue scenes that I enjoyed, but honestly the romance didn’t do much for me in this one.

Like in the book before, this one had a great Christian element.

I do recommend this, even thought it wasn’t one of my fav's.

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  1. I just finished this book this morning. To be honest I wasn't really thrilled with it. I think I would have rated it 'Here a little There a little'. Some parts were really good that I could barely put the book down (the traveling Jesse and Shiloh did, and the Meeker Masacar) other parts I just skimmed. I would read it again, but not for a while, lol

    1. I totally agree. I really didn't like Jesse at all. In fact, I think I might have to change my rating and rate it the way you would because, ya, it really wasn't that great.
      What book are you going to read next?!?

  2. I've started on Kathleen Morgan's Brides of Culdee Creek Daughter of Joy. So far I like's not a Karen Witemeyer style of book but it's okay. Again the main male character is rough (not as rough as Jesse) but he's not easy to 'like'. Hopefully my mind will be changed soon! :)